If you’re an upstart YouTube web series, it’s tough to get noticed out there, especially since there are 48 hours of videos uploaded every minute. So the producers of a new show reviewing the latest apps, called App Attacks!, decided to pursue a less crowded arena to get their show noticed, on Koldcast.TV, who just picked up the show for an exclusive 10-episode deal according to a company press release.

Koldcast offers a variety of shows in a number of genres, most of them independently produced, but professional-grade. So having a low-rent, but entertaining, YouTube-style series is a new frontier for the Internet TV provider, which launched in 2006. They took one look at Marc Ostrick and Josh Levine’s show and gave it the go-ahead for distribution.

This is the sort of move that may look a bit strange at first, mainly because of the reach of YouTube versus a site like Koldcast, where the number of unique visitors are outnumbered 1000 to 1. However, it takes a little more than being just an entertaining show in order to be found on YouTube, while Koldcast has a select group of shows that are easily found, pushed on the main page, and have a dedicated audience looking for specific genres and don’t have to weed through millions of productions vying for attention.

The trade-off is that App Attacks! loses potential viewers but gains awareness, and doesn’t have to hope for the lottery to hit for the YouTube population to notice. There are so many app shows distributed through not only YouTube, but Blip.TV and Revision3 (and many times, all three of them at once), so having an exclusive channel gives them the opportunity to share their unique voice without getting lost in the fray.

The original seven episodes of App Attacks! will remain on YouTube and are non-exclusive in the deal (though they are now on Koldcast as well). The next 10 episodes are exclusive to Koldcast, and will not be found on any other platform, including YouTube. You can see the very latest episode–and the first one exclusive to App Attacks! new home–by going here.

For a taste of the show’s style and personality, here’s the very first episode of App Attacks!, from June of this year: