With all this associated website and Google+ page hullabaloo going on, YouTube has also included verification badges for those who complete the right steps.  It works like a Twitter feed that is checked for authenticity so you don’t go around following some dude pretending to be Katy Perry.  But apparently this is a thing, because YouTube Help says it isOlga Kay is verified.  As is Philip DeFranco.  Its location is underneath the banner on the channel page so it can be hard to see.  Anyway, let’s look into how this is done, shall we?

Steps to a Verified YouTube Channel Page and Verification Badge

Here’s a look (right underneath the banner):

channel verified

Currently, if you’ve done pretty much everything to connect your Google+ page to your YouTube channel, you should see a check mark on your Google+ page next to the website to which you have it linked.  For it to appear on YouTube, you have to have a sizable following to get it (YouTube isn’t clear on how many followers are required).  Here’s the help page if you want to delve deep into this mystery.

Now here are the steps:

  • Your Google+ page must be authorized by your commercial entity, organization, brand, or product.
  • Your Google+ page has to have a link to your business/organization website.  Your website has to connect to your Google+ page by going through these steps listed here.
  • Your Google+ page has to have a good following.

So, to get a simple check mark next to your channel’s name, you have to kind of jump through some hoops, like always.

Anyway, it’s just in case you have established yourself and you have a brand/image to protect, and if someone wants to glean off your success (or even damage your success) in some way by, I don’t know, creating videos like they’re you, then that’s where the tiny check mark comes through to help tell everyone, “Hey, this is totally my page.  Don’t accept any substitutes.”

I’ll let this guy “lonniedos” talk about it.  This will probably be the sentiment of many: