Lest we Americans forget, YouTube is a global enterprise.  We’ve seen in the past couple of years, but especially this year, how the film industry doesn’t rely as much on domestic box office to measure its success anymore.  YouTube has been entering new territories and it’s important to remember that when we make videos, we try to appeal to as much of that audience is possible.  I think this is why baby and cat videos work so well on YouTube, since the appeal is international and doesn’t require knowing other languages.  But for people not making those kinds of videos, it’s worth considering using translation tools.

YouTube recently announced the top YouTube videos around the world by country.  Here is the list.

France: Max Boubil “J’aime Les Moches”

This video took in over 12 million views and is about a man’s preference for less-attractive women.  It’s really funny watching him wake up next to a blazing hot girl and showing remorse.

India: RA One – Teaser

India’s film industry is known as “Bollywood” and they had quite a 2011 in the States.  One of the bigger hits was RA One, and this trailer was watched over 4 million times.

South Korea: 우리 처제 결혼식 빵터짐 ㅋㅋ

Google Translate says, “Our sister wedding ppangteojim.” Well, at least it’s clearer.  Anyway, proving that weddings are big YouTube subjects no matter where they play, this unique wedding celebration is really fun to watch.  This has over 3 million views.


Czech Republic: 168 hodin – Pero z Chile – Václav Klaus krade – Czech President steals pen.

When the President of the Czech Republic “steals a pen” it becomes a matter of conspiratorial music and shell-game following tactics.  This amusing video shows the “crime” in progress and collected over 3 million views.

Israel: Dip Your Apple – Fountainheads Rosh Hashanah

Taking Shakira’s “Waka Waka” and making a Rosh Hashanah-themed video, The Fountainheads had one of the biggest hits in Israel at nearly 2 million views.


Popular Mexican YouTuber “Werevertumorro” scored the biggest hit south of the border with over 8 million views of his birthday party.

Hong Kong: Nokia N9 Seconds – The world’s quickest ad – Swipe

Hong Kong’s big video was a Nokia phone ad introducing its swipe feature.


Taiwan: 什麼叫我很帥想跟我睡覺?我也要看人啊!

Otherwise known as, according to Google Translate: What is handsome I want to sleep with me? I have to watch others ah!  Well, you try to make sense of it.

Kenya: The Best of Churchill Live(KIKUYU VS LUO)-Funniest 2011

One of Kenya’s top stand-up comedians is named Churchill, and a video of one of his performances collected nearly 200,000 views to be the top video in that country.


Other Countries Share American Tastes, Symptoms

So what were the most popular videos in other places as basic as the UK and Canada?  Well, English-speaking countries got in on the Rebecca Black fun, too.  They were powerless to prevent it.  Canada’s number one video was Rebecca Black, Friday and the UK’s was the 2nd most watched video, Ultimate Dog Tease.

I found these interesting even though I didn’t understand everything.  But it shows YouTube’s reach and how much more people you can attract than just here at home.