Do you want to know what’s popular around the country in and around major cities in the U.S.?  YouTube Trends is now announcing a Trends Map that will tell you, complete with tiny thumbnails, what is raking in the views.  You can also break it down by gender and by age.  And another nifty feature: YouTube has apparently bought into “shares” alongside with the views, and you can see not only what people are watching, but sharing.  As of now, there’s actually a pretty big difference between what people are sharing and viewing.  Let’s take a look at this new feature.

YouTube Trends Map: See What People Are Watching Around the Country

The data you can get from this map is pretty awesome:

youtube trends map

You can click on each thumbnail within the map and see which city and region these videos in which these videos are clearly doing well, and it also provides 2nd and 3rd place videos.

You can change it by age, gender, shares or views.  But this page also breaks it down further for you:

youtube trends map demographics

As of this writing, by far and away the most shared video is the trailer for the 6th season of True Blood.  But if you change it to “views,” it becomes a completely different story:

youtube trends map views

True Blood has been usurped by a video of water polo teams having a post-match handshake that turns ugly.

This new map shows that we are all basically the same when it comes to viewing habits, but the interesting data can be found where other videos pop up as the more popular or more shared.  Is there some sort of regional disposition that leads to one video being favored over another?  Could be, but you’ll see oftentimes that the video that is 1st in one region will still be 2nd or 3rd in another.

This will be a fun time-waster for me for awhile.  I enjoy data being broken down like this, and hopefully they’ll add even more features to it in the future.