YouTube Town Hall launched a couple of months ago as a portal for politicians to interact with the voters through online video. Today, the company released a new infographic that charts the Town hall voting performance of politicians across the various issues. It also contains data on the topics viewers have been most interested in thus far. As you might guess, Town Hall has been dominated by talk of the economy.

Infographics are a fantastic way to present information in a visually-attractive manner. They’re also sometimes used by companies looking for an SEO boost. We’re going to assume in this case that YouTube probably doesn’t need the extra link juice that can come from an infographic, and conclude that their intentions are good. At most, they’re trying to help promote Town Hall a little bit by showing off some early statistics.

Here are some key findings:

  • Republican candidates have received the most video views on YouTube Town Hall.
  • Democrats, however, have received the most “votes” from viewers on various topical debates.
  • The number one topic by view count is the economy, and it’s not even close. Economy-related clips have received more than twice as many views as the next most-popular topic, Energy.
  • The leading topics according to viewer votes are Afghanistan, Education, and the Economy.

Take a look at the full infographic below for more insight into how users are participating in YouTube Town Hall (click the image to see a larger view):