YouTube Suspended Accounts Cull Will Affect Your Subscriber Numbers

As part of its never-ending campaign to tidy up the site, YouTube is doing a sweep and clearing suspended accounts from its system. From June 16th, the site will start culling accounts that have been suspended, and this process will impact subscriber counts on other channels. YouTube confirmed that although subscriber counts may fall, view counts will remain the same, as views aren’t counted from suspended users. The new feature is being implemented to ensure that the subscriber count remains as authentic as possible.

In a blog post, YouTube operations specialist Katie Hushion confirmed that:

It’s extremely important to us that these numbers stay meaningful, so that you can be sure that when your sub count grows, it’s because you’re building a community of real fans who are going to keep watching and supporting you.

Following the initial cull, an automated system will remove subscriber data from suspended accounts as soon as the suspension takes place. The site will have an appeal system in place if any user feels that their account has been suspended through no fault of their own.

youtube suspended accounts