Late last week I brought you the story that Google Plus had finally integrated YouTube into the Google Plus experience. There’s a search function that’s pretty handy, and you can watch your favorite YouTube videos or share them easily with friends and circles through your Google Plus stream. And now a part of Google/YouTube’s motivation has been revealed, as videos from your Google Plus friends are now showing up on the YouTube home page as recommendations.

YouTube Suggesting Videos From Google Plus Friends

The YouTube home page has always been heavy on recommendations–they want to help you find the content you want, even if you don’t know you want it.

And indeed, today the first row of recommendations is, as it has been for a long time, based on videos I’ve already seen. The selections are being offered “because you watched…” some related video.

But just below that now there’s a slew of new video recommendations, taken directly from my Google Plus friends like the ReelSEO account, Larry Kless, Mark Robertson (ReelSEO’s founder), and others. Here’s a look:

This is pretty huge. Not only can video marketers now count on a consistent video experience in sharing videos through Google Plus’s social network, but they’ll also get their videos spotlighted whenever any of those Plus friends end up on the YouTube home page.

This makes me want to go through and curate my Google Plus friends list again, with an eye toward adding a bunch of new friends that are video creators–I might follow Freddie Wong, for instance, or Nalts.

This also helps YouTube’s home page improve, I think. I’ve written before how useless I usually find YouTube’s video suggestions to be. So replacing suggestions based just on my viewing history with videos created by people I’m already friends with? Genius… and it makes me WAY more likely to stick around a while and watch some videos.

It’ll be interesting to see what other ways Google Plus and YouTube find to play together–I’m sure this is just the beginning.