Seemingly coming out of nowhere, social influencer platform Starcount, along with YouTube, is holding an event known as the Social Star Awards in Singapore on May 23-25.  In order to get the word out on the event, YouTube asked creative studio Portal A to whip up a teaser video starring Harley Morenstein of Epic Meal Time and the lucky nerd who got to kiss Bar Refaeli in that GoDaddy commercial, Jesse Heiman.  A full-length video starring the likes of Ryan Higa, Jenna Marbles, Destorm, Freddie Wong, and Mystery Guitar Man will soon follow.

Starcount’s Social Star Awards

Here’s the teaser video:

This is a pretty big event.  It has musical appearances from PSY, Sky Blu, CeeLo Green, Aerosmith, Carly Rae Jepsen, and Blush.  Awards will be handed out in all sorts of different categories based on social media.  If you look at the categories and the nominees, it’s a hodge-podge of hopefuls.  Like the Film Award pits Harry Potter, Twilight, Shrek, and Titanic…which sounds like they went back 15 years to pick nominees.  But it could simply be something such as, “Which movie has the most Facebook likes?” or something like that.  Starcount has a proprietary system that measures “influence” and it’s not hard to see that something like Facebook likes could power something like that.

As it relates to video, the category for Social Media Show Award pits Jenna Marbles, PewDiePie, SMOSH, and Toby Turner against each other.

It’s a huge event for social media, it has a bunch of stars, and you can watch it live on YouTube on May 23.