You’re a busy person, with lots of YouTube channels to run.  So many logins and passwords to remember.  Well, finally, you can tie your channels with either a new Google+ page or with an existing Google+ page.  So now you don’t have to keep up with multiple logins.  Each one of these channels will have to be tied to a Google+ page, but at least you won’t have to compile a list of usernames and passwords every time you create a new channel.

Create A New Channel with a New Google+ Page or An Existing Google+ Page

There are two different options:

1. Create A New Channel to a New Google+ Page

new google+ page channel

  • Give the channel (and new Google+ page) a name, then click done (Channels connected to pages can have spaces and punctuation if you’d like that).

2. Create A New Channel to an Existing Google+ Page

  • Sign in to the Google account that is the manager or owner of the Google+ page you want to connect to a new channel.
  • Go to the YouTube channel switcher, and click the name and avatar of the Google+ page for which you want to create a new channel.

existing google+ page channel

  • You will be asked to confirm if you want to create a new channel.  Click OK to do so.

Google encourages everyone when they have managers who run the same channel to have separate logins, so here’s how you do that.

The new URL you will be given will look ugly.  If you want to create a custom URL, here’s how you do that.