In this week’s Reel Web, we take a look at several online video related news items including: new mobile video apps released for Vimeo and YouTube, details about YouTube’s newest NextUp competition program and its focus on collaboration, the pros vs. cons of using YouTube off-site annotations, and a new way that YouTube videos are about to “takeoff.”

YouTube Takeoff – InFlight WebSeries on Virgin Airlines

As always YouTube is growing and expanding and now it looks like it will be available even when we travel.  This past week Virgin Airlines announced they would be carrying some of the more popular YouTube content on their flights, including the H+, Crash Course, Geek and Sundry – Written by a Kid, Key of Awesome and a few more.  This will give passengers additional viewing options beyond the movie options most airlines show.

New Mobile Apps for Vimeo & YouTube

YouTube has just released a new update to their YouTube mobile app for their iOS, which includes an update for iPhone and a new iPad version.  And if you are like us, you’ve been waiting for your lovely iPad to finally get an update, well it’s here. The new YouTube app created was designed for the iPad and iPhone 5 to allow videos to start faster and play more smoothly.

In addition, Vimeo has also released a new app for the iPhone which was designed to be the solution for watching, creating and sharing Vimeo videos from your mobile phone.

YouTube NextUp Collaborations

The most recent YouTube NextUp Contest was just launched.  The qualifications for the contest including the following: US residents only, have a minimum of 10,000 subscribers OR 1 to 1.5 million views, be a partner in good standing, have at least 75% of your videos monetized, and be willing to collaborate with another channel.

For those who have read through the YouTube Creator’s Playbook you know that collaborating with other channels and creators is one of the best ways to increase your views and subscribers, and with this YouTube NextUp Contest, it is obvious YouTube is trying to further encourage that collaboration.

Off-Site Annotations Beware

YouTube recently released merchant annotations as well as associated website annotations, both of which allow monetized users to place annotation links within their videos which then link off-site, off YouTube.  This was a much desired feature for a long time and it’s great that it’s now here… BUT, at what point do those annotations get annoying?  At what point will the user experience be such that engagement is negatively affected?  Check out this post showing an example of a shoppable YouTube video, with annotations that highlight products throughout the video.

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On this week’s look at The Reel Web, there’s a couple mobile apps you should know about for viewing online video. Also the YouTube Next Up Launch program
is officially launched right now for US residents and merchant annotations are being used in a new way, we’ll talk about that and much more this week on
the Reel Web.

Hey guys, my name is Tim Schmoyer and welcome to another week of the Reel Web, where every week we just highlight for you guys some of the online video
news from the week before. And right over here, you can see a list of everything we’re going to talk about. Click on one of the annotations that are
closest to me to jump straight to that point in the video, or all the way over to the other side over here you can click the little note icon to go visit
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First of all, YouTube has released a new update to their YouTube mobile app for iPhone and IOS in general. Now there is an iPad version. And if you are
like me, you’ve been waiting for your lovely iPad to finally get an update, well it’s here. A lot of the updates and changes we see taking place on the
mobile app are also the same ones we’re seeing reflected here on the website. Look at all the changes happening here. More detail on Thursday. But until
then, go down the app, check it out, play with it. And for those of you guys who love Vimeo, which I love them. I use them for lots of different things
differently than I do here at YouTube which should be probably another video I pick someday, but until then, go check out their new apps that they have for
watching videos on their site. You’ll find a lot of different content on both Vimeo and YouTube so I like having them both there. Very accessible to watch
content on either service.

Recently one of you guys commented on our videos and said, ‘Hey Tim do you know when YouTube is launching the next, Next Up Contest?’ And I said, I don’t
know, then look at it this week, they just launched the next Next Up Contest. It is for US Residents only and they are doing it a little bit differently
than they’ve done in the past in that you have to have a minimum of 10,000 subscribers or one to one and a half million views. You have to be a partner in
good standing. Have at least 75% of all videos on your channel monetized, and you have to be willing to collaborate with another channel in order to go
through this whole process.

For any of you guys who have read the YouTube Creator’s Playbook or have been around YouTube at all for any length of time, you know that collaborating
with other YouTubers here on this platform, cross promoting each other by appearing on each other’s channels and just kind of mixing your audiences, can be
one of the best, most effective ways of growing your subscribership, your views and just kind of your base in general. So it would make sense that YouTube
would want to focus this next round of the YouTube Next Up Creators Contest on collaboration. So if that’s something you’re in to or willing to do, which I
think most of us are, you can go to apply and find out more information by clicking on there or clicking the note button right over there next to the

A few weeks ago we talked about the new merchant annotations here on YouTube where you can use them to link to like iTunes or Café Press or District Lines
or just like a slew of other places where you might have content you’re trying to sell. And pretty much as soon as YouTube made that announcement we’ve
just been seeing ads here on YouTube, maybe you’ve seen them as well where there’s like products that are actually being advertised, but if you click them,
it actually takes you to that product page on the advertisers website. Right now it feels kind of clunky to pay lots of money to have people click on this
annotation that doesn’t really look like it fits as part of your video to go view that product on your website. But I think YouTube is starting to
experiment by making some interactive product videos with some people and it will be interesting to see where all that goes and how that works out.

Personally right now I’m just curious whether this is something that could actually generate revenue and sales, or if it’s just going to be more annoying
than anything else for those of us who are trying to just watch our content, but then we’ve got these annotations to click on that lead to different stuff
that we don’t really care about. You are not forced to click on them, but it just doesn’t look good. Comment below, let me know what you think, do you
think they’re annoying, do you think they could work, maybe they could work with a little bit of tweaks is kind of where I’m leaning, but I’d like to hear
what you guys are thinking. Let me know, comment below or video response.

One of the things I’m excited about most here on YouTube is how it seems to be growing and expanding and kind of going new places and I think that that’s
illustrated very well by an announcement this past week that Virgin Airlines is now going to be carrying a lot of YouTube content on their flights. They’ll
be showing H+, Crash Course, Geek and Sundry – Written by a Kid, Key of Awesome and a couple other. I’ve never flown Virgin Airlines, but if I ever do,
I’ll look forward to watching some of my favorite YouTubers, instead of just some movie I’ve never even heard of or have already seen 500 times.

And of course you really can’t talk about the online video news from last week without talking about all the new design changes happening here at YouTube
that have been rolling out to everyone this past week. So far as expected, everyone seems to hate it. But there’s also a lot of things I like around here,
and I’d love to hear from you guys in the comments below. One, what you like best about it, and two what you don’t like. I’ve actually had this new design
activated on my account for a couple months now so I’ve had some time to play with it and on Thursday I want to dive into it with a lot more detail about
everything that’s happening here and all the changes that are shifting from YouTube being centralized around videos and are now being centralized around
channels and what that means for us. A lot of our best practices I think are shifting as well as a lot of tips and things you guys need to know about this
so we’re going to dive deep into that on Thursday for our Creator’s Tip video and if you are not already subscribed then make sure you click that subscribe
button that is below me or annotated here on this video screen. We’d love to have you join us for that. Also check us out at if you don’t want
to wait for me to make these videos for you every week, we’ve published stuff there very quickly all throughout the week. Make sure you check some of that
stuff out and I will see you guys on Thursday for our Creator’s Tip video when we dive in deep to all the stuff that’s happening and changing here on
YouTube. See you then. Bye!