The YouTube Creator Blog is talking about another significant change to how you view YouTube in the future: the homepage feeds will soon be showing more than just one video, and perhaps there will be use for all that white space now.  Actually, some of you might already be able to see it.  When I go to my page, I’ve got my dose of SourceFed and sxephil up at the top of the sub box and there are three videos shown in the box rather than just one.  So, just another little change many of you will see or have already seen and in the ever-changing world of YouTube, I guess they’ve done worse.

Your Subscriber Box Will Now Have Even More Videos!

This new feature will show up on the home page for people who are logged in, and apparently beginning next week for almost everyone.

Here’s a look at my feed.  Don’t judge me:

video feed

As you may know, usually this was the most recent activity or most recent upload (singular).  Now there’s a little collection there.  The order for what shows up at the top is based on what you watch the most, and thus SourceFed and sxephil show up at the top of my feed.

Also, underneath is a big grouping of 6 “recommended” videos, then it continues on to my feed.  Some only have 1 video ready, a few show three.  It actually gets a bit confusing on that home page once you go further down.  But oh well, I’ll just go to “My Subscriptions” and “Uploads Only” eventually anyway.