This week our coverage of news from the online video world includes a look at The Huffington Post’s recent investment of $30 million dollars into a daily 12-hour live video stream that covers all the news going up on their site along with several other AOL web properties, like TechCrunch and Engaget.

Also, YouTube set a deadline of March 7 for everyone to migrate to the new channel design before they flip the switch and kill the old channel layout.

YouTube’s CEO talks about why they’re focusing less on individual videos and moving toward a strategy that focuses on channels instead.

The official YouTube blog has a story of a few guys who are doing extremely well using some of the marketing tools on YouTube. One guy even earned 370,000 subscribers using the TrueView ads! Crazy.

And finally we look at one of our very own ReelSEO stories that gives some tips for any of you who are thinking about starting your own video web series for your business.

YouTube’s Channels Strategy, & A Whole Lot More

QUESTION: Do you think YouTube’s focus on channels will benefit us?