If there is another focus in the upcoming year for YouTube, it appears to be collaboration between two or more channels.  Tucked into a chapter of the YouTube Creator Playbook as a good idea for building an audience, collaboration has also come up recently as a requirement to enter the YouTube space facility.  Why is collaboration such a big deal?  It shows you can work with others, and that’s what really successful YouTube channels do.  So now, YouTube (NextUp) is putting up some money for channels who want to collaborate: the top 30 chosen will get some attractive returns, but again, there are limitations to who can join.

Got 10,000 Subscribers?  1.5 Million Views?  That’s A Good Start

YouTube does well to get you excited about an opportunity, and then they spring these requirements on you.  It seems like in the fairness of competition, there wouldn’t be something as arbitrary as having “10,000 subscribers or 1.5 million channel views,” which will be helping out people who are already doing pretty well on YouTube in the first place.  It seems to me that if you met every other requirement, you should be able to enter.  But winners are going to their new Creator Space in LA and you have to show some proficiency in video before they allow you through the door.

YouTube did this outside of the U.S. last year and this is one of the winners:

So…here are the requirements (from the YouTube NextUp Guidelines):

  1. Be a legal resident of the United States
  2. Be at least the legal age of contractual capacity (18 years-old in the United States), at the time of entry
  3. Apply as an individual, not as part of a team or a group
  4. This is the strangest part of the rules, since it’s about collaboration.  So you’re going to have to pick a representative.
  5. Own a YouTube channel that has monetization enabled for at least 75% of all videos in the channel library
  6. Have at least 10,000 subscribers on December 5, 2012 and/or at least 1,500,000 total videos views all-time for your Channel on December 5, 2012
  7. Not be a person or entity under U.S. export controls or sanctions
  8. Have a Google+ account
  9. Have access to a webcam
  10. Be available to participate in all Program activities during the listed dates and times.
  11. Have a YouTube account in good standing, including but not limited to, no outstanding copyright or Terms of Use strikes on your YouTube account.

The top 30 picked will win these nifty prizes (from the YouTube Blog):

  • $3,000 to help you make your video dreams a reality
  • $4,000 of production equipment to up-level your skills
  • Two one week-long Creator Camps at the brand-new YouTube Space LA in January and March 2013 to film your collaboration and to learn some more tips and tricks of the trade.

So it looks like YouTube is trying to give their new space a workout: they want to see people collaborating, making great content, and perhaps learning something about the process that will help provide future insight into content creation.  So, hopefully, all of this is a test run for future contests or opportunities and maybe some of the restrictions/guidelines will loosen a bit.