We talked about YouTube Pro Series before, a series helping those who are turning YouTube into their main source of income.  Yesterday the program got off the ground with four videos all touching on advertising.  Like, how do you get advertisers?  Do they approach you or do you approach them?  What do you do when they want you to change something in your show to suit them?  How do you pitch them an idea?  Just what in the world do you do when you’re mixing your content with their product or brand name?

YouTube’s Pro Series: Working with Advertisers

YouTube got some established YouTubers to talk advertising: Dane Boedigheimer of “Annoying Orange,” Spencer Griffin (College Humor), Elle Walker (WhatsUpELLE), and Kurt Schneider (kurthugoschneider).

Here are the four videos:

Choosing Deals and Staying Authentic

“Pitching an Idea to an Advertiser

Contracts and Pricing for Brand Deals

General Tips for Working with Advertisers

These are all worth watching for those who are just beginning to earn money and make a living on YouTube.  The YouTubers featured here give good, honest advice on the topic.