As a platform, YouTube knows that the more advice, guidance and support it can offer those who create video content, the more it will itself benefit from increased engagement because of that content. The latest benevolent gesture is a new series from the YouTube Creators Channel aimed at fledging creators who want to build a sustainable, and presumably financially worthwhile, living on the site.

YouTube have released a short trailer for their monthly series (no word on an official launch date as yet) featuring a host of current creators such as Hannah Hart, Shay Carl, Freddie Wong and YouTube Next Lab director, Tim Shey.

youtube pro series

YouTube have previously offered creators guidance via the Creator Playbook and through their online Creator Academy but the new venture looks like it might be more business orientated, offering suggestions how to best monetise a growing audience and cope with the demands and challenges that a successful channel makes on a creator.

You can watch the trailer here: