Youtube has been on a roll over the past several months with tons of new functionality for users including the ability to add captions, captions with translations, annotations, deep-linking, etc….  In case you didn’t notice, about a week ago, Youtube added 4 new features to their embeddable player.

Most notably, Youtube has now added a video search option at the end of videos that are embedded to other websites.  I don’t know who was the first to implement similar functionality but I noticed this with Hulu’s embedded videos several months ago and thought it was so useful that it was surprising others had not adopted the functionality.  Well, that is quickly changing.


In addition to searching for videos within the embedded video player, Youtube has also revamped the embeddable player to now include several additional features that were previously only available on the Youtube site:

  • High-quality thumbnails
  • Integrated video annotations
  • Integrated closed captions

Good job Youtube.