Pinterest has been around for a couple of years.  It’s a sharing site where users can put together a “pinboard” of images and can be shared through Facebook and Twitter.  Last Thursday, YouTube’s blog announced that they would be joining Pinterest for video sharing.  Pinterest has a proprietary “like” or “tweet” kind of engagement called “pins” and they introduced a video pin last year for this kind of approval-based sharing.  Now YouTube is making it easier to find these pinned videos, by bringing together a team to curate the videos Pinterest users will find most helpful.

YouTube and Pinterest Find More Niche Sharing Through Video

YouTube’s bread and butter is the “how-to” video and there are several different YouTube/Pinterest boards that follow that model.  Here’s the list (from YouTube Blog):

  • Pinspiration – Inspiring and motivating videos to make your world a little more awesome
  • Make It Yourself – To help you get crafty
  • Life 101 – Cut corners in your hectic schedule with quick lifehacking tips & tricks
  • The Beauty Corner – Find advice for novice to pro style & beauty gurus
  • NomNomNom – Discover 15-minute meals to gourmets eats and baking tutorials
  • Work It Out – Your personal fitness video center

So if you’re an active Pinterest user looking for YouTube videos, you now have a number of portals to choose from.  Here’s just one of the videos:

I like the idea of this niche kind of viewing that YouTube is setting up throughout their site.  There are a billion kinds of these videos on YouTube, for sure, but if it comes through a trusted site with a brand name, you get people who might not otherwise trust the other, same type of videos on other channels.  There’s a reason why when YouTube launched the “100 Original Channels” that many of them overlapped the kind of entertainment and genres they provided.  It all comes down to trust and choice.

And they can’t get enough of these types of videos.  People are looking for “how-to” probably more than any one thing on YouTube, as explained here in this article.  YouTube is getting closer and closer to being an encyclopedia of how-to knowledge, if they aren’t there already.