As promised during the recent VidCon, YouTube has announced the Partner Rewards program.  Partners with 1 million subscribers will be receiving a nifty trophy: a plaque with a golden play button on it so it can be hung for all to see.  Also, they get a cool limited edition camera case and YouTube-branded gift card.  But even those with 100,000 subscribers get something: they get a camera case and a $500 gift card to use towards better video equipment.  No doubt this is a goodwill gesture to partners who feel like they’ve been ignored in the past few months, so YouTube is showing their stars some love.

Who Gets the YouTube Rewards?

You can go to this page, where you can currently see 78 partners getting the million-subscriber golden play button.  And there is a hefty list of partners that have made it past 100,000.  Here’s what the prizes look like:

YouTube is looking to hand these out quarterly.  The current list of partners receiving awards had to hit the mark by May 31 this year.

The partners being recognized have generated over 500 million subscribers and over 251 billion views.  Of course, even some celebrities will be getting this golden play button.  The likes of Katy Perry, LMFAO, Rihanna, Justin Bieber, Eminem, Lady Gaga, and Skrillex are in the mix with big YouTube stars like Barely Poltical, iJustine, Philip DeFranco, Ray William Johnson, Annoying Orange, and Epic Meal Time.

Here’s Tim and Mark’s Reel Web episode from earlier this month where they announced the reward program after attending vidcon:

So, a little something extra to shoot for when building an audience for your channel.  Hang that cool plaque around the house and impress the ladies.  Plus, a little extra cash to make your videos look better doesn’t hurt either.