We’ve posted a lot of great infographics over the years. The format, which typically combines statistical information in a fun animated layout, is very popular. People enjoy learning important statistics, but no one wants to feel like their in school. Infographics are a way for the reader to feel like they’re learning while also feeding their need for entertainment.

And now YouTube has gone and blown up the traditional infographic with a new form of animated information sharing that I can only assume will come to be known as the “video infographic.” It has video elements, but is also clearly inspired by the infographic format. And it may just be the perfect marriage.

YouTube is pretty geeked about their latest BGS (Big Gaudy Stat) that 60 minutes of video is uploaded every second. How geeked? Geeked enough to register a new domain and set up a standalone site at onehourpersecond.com. And it’s awesome.

It starts out simple enough, with a couple spinning clocks that turn into the main stat. It looks like this when it’s done:

You’ll need to click that little video guy–he’ll jump up and down and blink if you don’t. And that starts the video infographic show moving right along.

This thing is freaking epic. There are far more animated stats than you think there will be when you start–I think the triumphant mountain climber is my favorite. It’s a progressive timeline, with each stop along the “clock” translating the time in YouTube videos into some kind of mind-blowing stat. It’s full of humorous audio and charming animation and motion, and I have a hard time believing anyone will find it boring.

Here’s a video I created showing you what the YouTube video infographic looks like–had some kind of audio issue, for which I apologize:

I love how many shout-outs there are to famous YouTube videos gone by, like Winnebego Man, Nyan Cat, Rebecca Black, Evolution of Dance, and more.

Head on over to OneHourPerMinute.com and check it out for yourself… you won’t be sorry.