Today, New Media Rockstars posted a video from Zack James, aka OutbackZack, in which James fires out an angry tirade against networks Machinima and Maker.  Maker, of course, is no stranger to criticism after the Ray William Johnson separation.  James has deleted all of his videos from the OutbackZack channel, leaving the angry one there, claiming he knows a great way of making money on video without AdSense.  The ongoing fight between networks and content creators is an interesting one because online video as a big business is such a new thing, and we’re just waiting to see where it all leads.

Zack James, aka OutbackZack, and His Tirade on Machinima and Maker

Here you go (it obviously has some bad language, so you’ve been warned):

Now, obviously Zack believes in what he says.  He’s pulling his videos and sacrificing his ad revenue.  He does have good words to say about Fullscreen, lauding their “million dollar creator fund,” but he believes the whole system is damaged.   He feels that the networks are using content creators and their views to court huge sums of money and doing nothing with that money that helps the people they have partnered with.  And also, he calls out Machinima and Maker for not being content creators in their own right, just businessmen.

With this kind of publicity, the YouTube networks might feel under siege these days.  I’d be interested to know what they have to say about all of this.  As always, folks, it’s good to really read what you’re signing.  Get a lawyer.  Get informed.