‘Radio, what’s new? Radio, someone still loves you!’ sang Freddie Mercury in 1984 – but is it still true today? Research by the just-released “Infinite Dial 2014: Radio Format P1s” study, which breaks out Edison Research’s influential “The Infinite Dial” survey results by P1 listeners to ten major format groups – begs to disagree. The research reveals that over a third of Americans age 12+ used YouTube to watch music videos or listen to music in the last week. For listeners to most current-based formats, those numbers are significantly higher. 57% of Top 40 P1s have used YouTube for music in the last week, followed by 53% of Urban P1s and 48% of Rock P1s. ( A ‘P1’ is a loyal radio station listener, btw.)

youtube for music

Country was the next major music format for YouTube usage at 27%, followed by Classic Rock/Classic Hits (24%)

‘While radio has spent much of the last year focusing on Pandora and Sirius XM, YouTube remains a major destination for many formats’ P1 listeners,” says Edison Research VP of music and programming Sean Ross. ‘In fact, nearly as many Top 40 P1s use YouTube for music in a week as the 60% that use Pandora in a given month.’

youtube radio

As for keeping up to date on which music to listen to or music videos to watch Radio is still king at 75% of all listeners but YouTube is now queen at 59% of YouTube users relying on the site to find the latest hits.

youtube top source for music

However among 12 – 24s YouTube is the leading source of discovery at 83% with Radio trailing behind even family and friends at 65%. This means that YouTube can look forward to an even brighter financial future as this age group matures and brings its music viewing habits into old age. As for radio – yes, someone will always love you because there are somethings we can’t do and still watch videos at the same time. Download the full report here.