YouTube has announced (subtly, as always) the creation of a new Movie Lovers’ Community. The announcement didn’t come by way of the company blog, or in video form. Nope… it came in the form of a moderator post on the YouTube Creator’s Corner forum from YTJoshua, a Google employee.

YouTube Movie Lovers’ Community

Here’s a screenshot of what the community page looks like:

There’s even a getting started guide and a set of guidelines for posting on the forum.

It’s kind of an interesting move if you ask me. It stands to reason that people who talk about film frequently are more likely to watch films and videos. So YouTube might see increased participation in their Movie Rentals program from an on-site forum like this.

And it’s not terribly difficult for them to add the forum–the technology is already there for the many support and help forums they operate.

So if you’re a film junkie–you can’t watch enough, you can’t talk enough about films–then this is your lucky day. Head on over to the new YouTube Movie Lovers’ Community.