There’s a new YouTube experiment floating around out there right now and it’s called YouTube Mix.  It shows up in some random places, but it looks like if you enjoy certain stand-up comedy clips or music videos, something with “like-mindedness,” then you get the suggestion.  For instance, I typed in Taylor Swift and got a YouTube Mix in the suggested video column that played a whole bunch of female artists and/or bands females like, all in a row.  And you can autoplay or shuffle it like any other playlist.  It’s all about video discovery.  Hat tip, The Next Web.

YouTube Mix, to Keep You Hooked For Long Periods of Time

So yeah, why click on individual videos over in the suggestion box forever, when YouTube can just auto-generate a whole slew of videos you might like and can play however you want?  YouTube has been auto-generating playlists for awhile, but it’s never been in that right-hand column, sitting there waiting in the suggestion box like a present.  Here’s a look:

youtube mix

Clicking on the YouTube Mix sent me to this playlist.

As always, it’s just a nifty little thing that doesn’t hurt anyone and generates more “time watched” on the site.  And, once the 50 videos are over, another 50 will be generated, and the party never stops.  Come to think of it, this would be awesome for parties to keep the music going.  It would be like your own personal radio station.

Anyway, another cool thing to play around with and see where it pops up.  I’m kind of surprised I didn’t see it on “movie trailers” but I’m sure that’s a place where it will be remedied soon.