YouTube has had an “Honors” system for awhile now to designate videos with achievements in trending, weekly engagement, and all-time popularity.  On Wednesday YouTube announced Medals, which will replace the Honors system with easily-identifiable gold, silver, and bronze medals.  This will make it easier to find the videos that are making their mark on YouTube.  The program was being called “Goodies” there for awhile, but in the long run the popular online video site went with “Medals,” introducing three designations of video popularity that would be awarded.

Videos Go for the Gold With YouTube Medals

The three designations for the new YouTube Medals are:

All Time Most Popular Medal, for the videos that have achieved a stupid ridiculous amount of views and are the site’s greatest hits.

The Gold ones are for the Top 10, of which Justin Bieber’s “Baby” sits all-time #1 with over 650 million.  The only non-music video in this medal category is “Charlie Bit My Finger:”

Recently Most Popular Medal, for videos that have banged out a lot of views and likes within the last 7 days.

For instance, this Jimmy Kimmel video where parents tell their kids that they ate all the Halloween candy is one of those:

Trending Medal, for videos that have experienced a huge jump from one week to the next.

This video of a surfer’s close call with a whale is one of those:

Many of these medals can overlap.  The LMFAO “Party Rock Anthem” can be seen in the All-Time Medals and the Recently Most Popular Medals.

You can subscribe to these Medals pages, if you would like to have YouTube give you updates.  That’s pretty cool.  It certainly beats trying to find a link called “Medals” on my YouTube account, because I can’t find it anywhere.   Luckily the YouTube Partners & Creators Blog has the necessary links, and after finding one of the medals pages, it’s easy to navigate and subscribe to as many as you like.

Those looking for trends and patterns in popular YouTube videos will likely want to keep track of these medals.  It will be interesting to see if this will be yet another controversial topic in the YouTube realm. What earns them and what doesn’t, and why, will likely be a source of debate.