A Day In the Life Of: A YouTube MCN Insider

I admit I was a little apprehensive moving from the (relatively) secure agency world into the new wild west of digital—the MCN landscape. Only a few weeks into my role as Head of Integrated Marketing at Omnia Media Co., those fears had been put to rest and it was clear I was in store for some amazing creative challenges, a lot of hard work and a ton of fun along the way. Here’s a snapshot into my days.

A Day in the Life of an MCN Executive: Tuesday in July 2014

8:45 am : Sycamore Kitchen
Discuss potential original content and branded entertainment opportunities with one of LA’s most recognizable animation production companies over a bowl of oatmeal and a drink called an Arnold Schwarzenegger (half black / half hibiscus iced tea). Agree to jump on a call next week to discuss which show treatments we’re most interested in moving forward with.

sycamore kitchen

10:30 am: Omnia HQ

Phone call from our New York sales team. AAA-rated game is looking to drive pre-orders and wants us to turn-around campaign concepts immediately if not sooner. Pull my Creative Director in to the call and we brainstorm tactics and talent. Loop in our Social Media Buyer to get Twitter on the horn to see what Promoted Trend deals they’ve got running. New York gets back to the client by 11:45 and we’re all feeling pretty good about it.

12pm: Omnia HQ
Ding ding! One of our Partner Managers rings the oversize metal triangle in the middle of our office. He’s just signed a new artist to the network from Lil’Wayne’s Young Money label. Round of applause.

lil wayne

12:30: Izakaya on 3rd
Sit down for lunch with our Creative Director and the Head of Curation for an OTT network. Chatting over our Izakaya Plates, we create a short-list of YouTube Partners to be featured on their gaming, music and style channels. Discuss utilizing their network as an additional distribution platform for commercial and branded content. Leave completely stuffed and excited about working together.

2:30: Omnia HQ
Exploratory call between a newly signed partner, her management and the Omnia Sales / Marketing teams. We think she’s poised to be the next Ryan Seacrest, but we want to hear the types of brand deals and sponsorships she’d like to pursue.

3:30: Omnia HQ
Head of Rights Management and I discuss classic 90’s movies that can be viewed in their entirety on YouTube while kicking an inflatable ball back and forth on the product development side of our 10,000 sq. ft office. We reflect on what a great loss John Ritter’s passing was to the world and quote lines from Stay Tuned.

4:30: Omnia HQ
Get my Don Draper and deliver the final pitch to a major mobile-gaming company looking to promote downloads of a new title. Meeting goes well. They’re looking forward to next steps.

5:30: Omnia HQ
Check emails and schedule calls for tomorrow.

6:30: Home
Pour myself a glass of wine and take off my heels. Pet the dog. Lose three lives on Candy Crush. Ponder what to make for dinner.