If you are serious about making a living from YouTube then you will have spent at least some time learning the basics of monetization. There are a couple of ways of earning money from your content – you can set up Adsense against your account or, if you are an attractive enough investment, you can partner up with an Multi Channel Network who will assist in the running of the administrative and financial side of your channel as well as offering promotional, sales and legal advice. Multi-Channel Networks, or MCNs make their money by taking a cut of the revenue generated by the pre-roll and overall ads you carry on your videos in exchange for their marketing and other services. The major houses, like Maker, Fullscreen, Revision3, Machinima and IGN invest heavily in their networks, and often well beyond, and its rare to find a big YouTube player that isn’t affiliated in some way with one of these partner networks. This month, we take a look at one of the biggest MCNs, BroadbandTV.

Shahrzad Rafati: The Face Behind BroadbandTV

broadband tvIranian born, Vancouver based Shahrzad Rafati founded BroadbandTV Corp, currently the 4th largest MCN in the world, in 2005 to manage the online video content for a number of global media companies. She wanted a way to “curate fan content to put our content partners back in control of their own assets” particularly in relation to pirated copies of films from Columbia and Warner and sports clips from the NBA which were being uploaded to YouTube and monetized by non-licence holders. Today, the company continues to specialize in the protection, optimisation and monetization of big brand content but it also has two main YouTube networks, VISO and TGN, that act as agents for around 11,600 content partners. Between them, VISO and TGN achieve more than 1 Billion monthly views, from 100 million subscribers and the company looks set to grow further after a $36 Million investment from RTL Group, Europe’s largest media conglomerate earlier this year.

BroadbandTV: Top Content Partners & Stats

VISO and TGN currently have (at time of writing) 11,687 content partners across their channels with the top 10 listed by channel name, number of subscribers and category below:

1 speedyw033,006,737 Subscribers / Gaming

2 WoodysGamerTag1,240,104 Subscribers / Gaming

3 Sethbling1,197,780 Subscribers / Gaming

4 MonsterCatMedia 1,033,810 Subscribers / Music

5 kyrsp33dy1,017,904 Subscribers / Gaming

6 MaddiJaneMusic 998,983 Subscribers / Music

7 videogames 967,342 Subscribers / Gaming

8 ElementAnimation 935,604 Subscribers / Gaming

9 Trailers991,000 Subscribers / Entertainment

10 MrSuicideSheep790,000 Subscribers / Music

VISO Catalyst: Optimization Tools For Content Partners 

In September of 2013, BroadbandTV launched VISO Catalyst, an optimization tool for their VISO and TGN content partners to drive growth to their channels via video seo, including accessing the data on the optimum upload times for an individual video. The company say the kit can increase viewership substantially, as much as 51% in 60 days in one case. It aims to provide a clear, user friendly platform for partners to understand what they need to do based on past data and tips from the team. Around 55,000 videos from TGN and VISO partners have already used the platform to customize and enhance their optimization efforts. Anyone interested can find out more from the promotional trailer: