YouTube seems to genuinely want their partner channels to succeed.  Every time I turn around they’re offering a new incentive or extending Christmas bonuses.  It’s just good business, really.  When partner channels succeed, so does YouTube–on a whole host of levels, including advertising revenue.  As part of that continued interest in mutual success, the video site is hosting a live Q&A event with Product Manager Phil Farhi, and the questions will come from the partners.  

The event, which they’re calling “Virtual Partner Meetup: Monetization Overview,” takes place at 2pm Pacific Time on Tuesday, January 18, 2011.  That’s tomorrow.  Partners have until this evening to submit questions for Farhi, and the suggested interview questions are then voted on by the partners.  The questions with the most votes will be the ones chosen.

What is the Virtual Partner Meetup About?

As the title of the event suggests, this meetup is all about making money on YouTube.  Again, a mutual goal of both the website and the partners.  Here are the top rated questions at the time of this writing:

  • Any plans on possibly making a Youtube app for the Xbox 360 or even Playstation 3 platforms? This would certainly produce more traffic and hits to the Youtube site!
  • When will partners be allowed to link annotation off to other websites?
  • Why can you not make Live Broadcasting Public? As its just as easy on Livestream?
  • When will Live Broadcasting be available for all Partners?

Well, those questions are certainly about making money.  And it seems like a good portion of the partner public has live streaming on their minds.  We’ve said it before, as have many others, but live streaming feels a little bit inevitable when it comes to YouTube.  I’ll be curious to see what Farhi’s response is to a question like that.

How Can You Get Involved?

If you want to get involved on the question-asking end of things, you better move quick.  The submission page is counting down the hours, and I’m guessing it’s in Pacific Time, so it looks like you have until about 7pm.  After that, the voting closes.  Submit or vote on questions for the Virtual Partner Meetup: Monetization Overview event here.

During the live streaming event, YouTube will also be monitoring Twitter.  Use the hashtag “#YTPartner” and they’ll try and address as many follow-up questions as possible.

What If You’re Not A Partner?

I don’t really think it matters, to be honest.  There’s nothing in the language of the announcement that suggests the event is limited only to partners.  I would think they’d want to let anyone watch who had an interest–I have to believe that people interested in making money on YouTube are likely candidates for partner status down the road.  They certainly can’t stop you from participating on Twitter, or following the hashtag questions and responses yourself.

I was able to submit a question and vote on several others, from a non-partner account, and my votes impacted the totals.  So I think it’s safe to say this thing is open to the public.  I would recommend participating, if you can, because there’s bound to be tons of useful and interesting information discussed. I’m sure there will also be a way to catch the video after the fact, if you aren’t able to make the live stream.