Whoa there YouTube, you are bringing out new features so fast we can hardly keep up. Yesterday brought the huge news that comment moderation could effectively kill the kind of trolling overkill we’ve been subjected too. Today, the site has announced they are making 150 free music tracks available to any video creator that wants to use them. The Audio Library, available now, gives any YouTube creator the choice of 150 completely free instrumental tracks to choose from. And not just for use on YouTube videos. You’ll find a link in your Video Manager tool box that gives you access to the free tracks and the ability to sort by duration, genre, mood and instrument. Any of these can be downloaded as an MP3 file.

Creators no longer have to look outside YouTube if they need a basic soundtrack for their video, although with only 150 tracks currently available, sites like SmartSound won’t have too much to fear just yet. It’s a smart move on YouTube’s part though, given the issues with the ContentID system and copyright issues over licensing. Giving creators a chance to use music that’s been pre-sanctioned by the site might just ease some of those headaches.

youtube audio library