Everyone in the world I know lately has been using Spotify, a music site which you can use for free on your desktop as long as you’re willing to sit through some ads, or a service which costs a few bucks without the ads and a few more if you want to listen to it on all of your devices.  Well, YouTube is planning on leveraging their considerable reach in launching a new music subscription service of their own.  There is some speculation that while it will be different from Google Play, there will likely be some overlap with the features coming to the Android service.  Hat tip, NMR.

YouTube Has Always Been A Huge Music Discovery Site

Thanks to VEVO and a ton of artists publishing their videos and/or “just music” videos to the site, in addition to all the “fans” who do so knowing that they’re videos will be claimed by the record labels (or not), YouTube is a go-to hub for music.  There’s no doubt when you consider how many views music videos get on the site that people just want to hear a song, click on it, and let it run.

Of course, this is all speculation at this point.  Google isn’t officially saying anything about it, but it would come as no surprise that they would do something like this considering we’re already hearing about creators who were approached to offer subscription channels and the whole thing about Android’s new app having code that revealed subscription sites might be coming soon.

Either way, it looks like YouTube is definitely looking for an alternative business model for 2013, so that they can capitalize on all forms of monetization.