Looking for a way to take your YouTube channel to the next level? Need some valuable productions resources, space, and time? Then YouTube is ready to let you Unlock the Space, their LA productions space that is. Oh wait, did I mention the 10,000 subscriber requirement?

That’s right, if you have got 10,000 subscribers to your YouTube channel you could shoot your next stuff at the YouTube Space LA. That’s pretty much the whole criteria, just sign-up, get there, attend orientation, and shoot. Makes me wish I had 10,000 subscribers actually. This is a definite broadening of the use of the space which previously had stricter access levels if I remember correctly. Either way, it’s still a pipe dream for many, even some very established brands don’t have that many subscribers.

When you qualify, you’ll get access to a lot on offer at YouTube Space LA including sound stages, fantastic equipment, collaboration programs, pre-built sets, advanced education options and access to events and screenings. Once you’ve attended an orientation workshop you’ll be ready to get moving on your next production there. I’m pretty jealous actually.

Some fine print type stuff from YouTube:

Check out the Events Calendar to sign-up for Unlock the Space which takes place on the 2nd and 4th Monday of every month. *In order to accommodate as many channels as possible, up to 3 team members from your channel can participate in an Unlock the Space orientation workshop. If your team has more members who are interested in getting trained, please have them sign up for a later date.

Anyone with 10,000 subscribers need a scriptwriter? Well, even if you don’t have the required subscriber base you can still benefit a lot from taking in some great tips and content from YouTube. For instance, there’s the #ytpartnerbulletin hashtag on Google+, the YouTube Creator Blogs, Partner Forums, and, of course, the YouTube Space Home page.

The great thing about the YouTube Space project, aside from access to amazing gear and facilities, is the chance to rub elbow and collaborate with whomever might be in the space when you’re there. That could be more than enough to help you take your production to the next level.