I had the pleasure of spending some time at the Machinima LA Offices not too long ago, and I got to talk to a lot of great people about all the different facets of life at Machinima. One of those was Allen DeBevoise, the CEO. We talked about how social activity plays into the long term plans for Machinima, and specifically how they leverage YouTube to that end.

You're Crazy If You're Not On YouTube

While Facebook and Twitter and other social properties drive video views, Machinima believes YouTube is a social media itself.  Here's what Allen has to say about why YouTube is so important to their strategy:

We consider YouTube, in a way, social, right? So it's, the best place to drive use on YouTube is through YouTube, right? Meaning, work through the system, that's our view on this.

Later in the clip, he gives YouTube an even stronger endorsement:

I think you're insane if don't do something on YouTube.

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Mark: So search is important especially the long tail, the evergreen part of it. How important is social in driving these?

Allen: Well, social is important as well, I mean, we consider YouTube, in a way, social, right? So it’s, the best place to drive use on YouTube is through YouTube, right? Meaning, work through the system, that’s our view on this. But obviously, you can drive use through other ways, Facebook, Twitter and other types of models as well, people are sharing, people embed. You know, that whole practice of sharing and moving videos around in a viral way really originated with YouTube, right? So --

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Mark: It really is, their entire algorithm is built off that, if you’re not social, you’re not going to rank well. What would you recommend in terms of somebody who wants to start say, a web series? You know, where should they start and is YouTube important?

Allen: Yeah. I think YouTube is, I think you’re insane if don’t do something on YouTube. I mean, just the platform is so viral, you can get much bigger numbers, it’s very easy, it’s not like you’re negotiating deals with all sorts of people. And you can learn very quickly what to do. And it’s global, it’s on every device, they were on the iPhone before anybody and obviously on Android devices.

So I think it’s the platform, I wouldn’t even bother launching video on the web right now, I would recommend anybody, if you’ve got a web series, if you have a vide concept, at a minimum, incubate it on YouTube. And quite frankly, I think the direction they’re going, we don’t focus on anything else right now. We really focus on that platform, you know, they’re going to have X-Box app, they’re going to have all kinds of things that they’re doing, integrated with Google TV.
It’s, the mantra is global, multi-platform, searchable, on-demand, and (inaudible), and programmed, all of those short tail and long tail, all of those six elements together to find a new generation of online video brand.