This week on the Reel Web we review some of the features of the new YouTube app available for mobile devices as well as what seems to still be missing.  We also discuss a few more YouTube channel updates that make it easier for the casual viewer on YouTube to navigate as well as try to figure out what has made the latest viral video, Gangnam Style, so popular.

YouTube Channel Updates

YouTube recently made some important channel navigational changes.  They changed the Change the Feed Tab that was showing on the channels to Browse Videos.  For individuals who are not well versed in the ins and outs of YouTube and online video there seems to be a big benefit to making the verbiage more user friendly so they really understand what the option does for them.  They can click on the tab and it will offer sub-categories, play lists, likes, activity, etc.

New YouTube App Allows Monetization

With the new YouTube app, we as creators can now monetize our videos for mobile views.  With those views accounting for about one billion views every day this is a very good thing.  There were not too many other changes made to it from the old app.  There are, however, a few thing that need to be mentioned about the app.  First, as a video creator keep in mind that the subscribe button is in a different location than it is for the desktop version so you need to remember not to reference the top of the screen when asking people to subscribe to your channel since there will not be a subscribe button up there if they are viewing your video on a mobile device.

The add channels option does do a great job of recommending additional videos and channels based on your preferences and navigating through your subscribed channels is generally pretty easy.  That is, unless you are subscribed to a large number of channels.  Hopefully there will be some updates to this in the near future to make it a little easier.  Some other updates we will also hopefully see is a way to reply directly to comments and the addition of annotations.

Gangnam Style Becomes a Viral Sensation

Psy’s Gangnam Style video is officially the fifth most viral video of all time.  In just 52 days it has received 212+ million views.  As a video creator it is natural to try to analyze this video to try to figure out what it was about it that made it go viral.  From our end it doesn’t appear to have the usual elements that are prevalent in viral videos.  It is funny, but beyond that I can’t quite put our finger on what has made it so popular.

New Research About Viewers Online Video Preference

New research has come out looking at the devices that people are generally watching online videos on.  The research included a look at the length of videos and more, but basically the information shows that tablets are currently the most popular choice when it comes to viewing videos online and they are growing rapidly as the device viewers prefer to use.

Pinnacle Video Releases Free App for Video Editing

There are a lot of free video editors for editing video using the iPad, but so far one of the best ones we have seen comes from Pinnacle Video.  It appears to the the most professional app you can get from a free app currently available.  It may not always be offered free, so be sure to download it now while it still is.

It is obviously easier and more convenient to do video edits on your desktop or notebook, but in the event you don’t have immediate access to your standard editing devices, it’s nice to have a good editing option on the iPad for any videos you shoot on the go and may want to post immediately.

YouTube’s New Next up Contest

The most recent Next Up Contest is open to individuals who are posting content that is educational and of a teaching nature.  As always the winner receives a lot of great prizes including mentoring sessions, one-on-one training from YouTube, video promotion and $1000 for video equipment.  So if your content is educational in nature consider submitting.

QUESTION: What’s your mini-review of the new YouTube app for iPhone? And what lessons do you learn about viral videos from “Gangnam Style?”

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This week let’s talk about some of the new changes happening to our channels, about how people navigate them. Also, YouTube has an official new iPhone app,
we’re going to take a look at that. And, I’m going to give you some of my thoughts about what it means for those of us who are YouTube creators and a bunch
of other things coming up this week on The Reel Web.

Hey guys, my name is Tim Schmoyer, and welcome to another week of The Reel Web, where every week we just highlight for you guys some of the online video
news from the week before.

This week, a lot more YouTube stuff, starting with a change the feed tab on our channels, now it says ‘browse videos’. Personally, I like this change. I
think feed was kind of confusing for people who don’t live here on YouTube and don’t know exactly all the ins and outs. So, I think it makes much more
sense for them to go to the YouTube channel, they see a ‘browse videos’ and it’s like ‘Oh, yeah, that’s what I want to do’. So, they click that and now
there’s a couple of sub-categories, you’ll notice, underneath there where they have broken down other things like play lists and likes and activity,
comments and you can sort by most popular viewed video, recent videos and other things there, as well. All those same options are still available, but I
think it makes more sense for the average user coming to YouTube Channel to check things out. I like it.

What do you think? Of course, with any change that YouTube makes there’s going to be a lot of haters out there, so if you’re one of them, I’d love to know
why. You’ve got to have a reason, you just can’t hate it for the sake of being a hater. There’s plenty of other trolls out there. At least be an informed
troll, tell me below why you don’t like it.

I know a lot of us are really excited about the new YouTube app that just came out last week, mostly because now we can monetize our videos for mobile
views, which accounts for about one billion views every day here on YouTube. That’s obviously a major plus.

Other than that, the app basically seems to be the same as the old one that Apple made. The navigation is a little bit different, but other than that the
functionality seems to be very, very similar. Thankfully, I’m pretty sure YouTube is going to continue to develop this app so it works better for those of
us who are creators.

So, from that perspective, for those of us who are creating online video, what does this app mean for us? Well, a couple of things that I noted: One, is
that the subscribe button is now below your video on the app rather than, usually here on YouTube – on the desktop – it’s up there, like we like to point
to people to ‘hey go, click that button up there – subscribe’ – which if you’re not subscribed you should definitely click for our ReelSeo videos here.
But, now you’ve got to make sure that, we’re going to talk now in a little bit how you need to make sure that you pay attention that that ‘subscribe’
button is below the video in the new YouTube app.

So now, rather than pointing up there and telling people to subscribe, it might be easier just to say “subscribe” and let people find it for themselves,
depending on which device they’re watching it on.

Navigating the channels you’re subscribed to is pretty easy by just swiping over to the side and viewing all them, but it doesn’t work if you’re subscribed
to a couple hundred channels like I am. It becomes really cumbersome to navigate that. Hopefully going forward in the future, YouTube will make that system
a little bit more easier to navigate for those of us that are really heavy users here on YouTube.

If you tap on the option there that says ‘add channels’, I was actually really impressed with how accurate this thing recommended other channels for me.
They were either channels that are affiliated with other channels I’m already subscribed to, or they’re videos I’ve recently watched – recommending their
channels – or, I think, not positive, but I think it was even tracking which videos I’d been sharing on Twitter, FaceBook, and Google Plus, and saying
‘hey, you’ve shared videos from these guys a couple of times, you might want to subscribe.’

I don’t know if they’re really tracking that deep, but that was just my first impression. It was a really good recommended list. It also made me wonder,
that now if adding other channels to that recommended box on your channel page is actually having more weight in how they recommend different channels to

I always wondered how effective that ‘other recommended channels’ box on your page really is for driving active and engaged subscribers to your content,
but now it seems to have a second purpose even if it doesn’t drive new subscriptions maybe it now influences how those channels are recommended to other
people who are subscribed to your channel even inside the YouTube app with people just browsing and looking for new content.

So, getting your channel listed in other people’s ‘recommended channels’ box, may now really be an important thing to pursue. So, if you don’t mind add
ReelSEO to yours, we would love that, and definitely appreciate it if you guys find that content in here helpful, and especially valuable for your audience
on YouTube Channel. Thank you.

A couple of missing features that I’m sure YouTube will eventually add as this app matures; one is replying directly to comments. I can add new comments to
my own videos, but what if one of you guys comments on here and I want to respond directly to you as I can on the desktop version. I can’t do that on the
app. I would really love to be able to just interact and engage with viewers on the go, on this device. Hopefully that’s coming.

Also, annotations are still missing. I’m sure those will be coming eventually in the future, they’re just not here yet. And, noticeably missing is the
ability to upload videos from your phone through the new app. Again, that’s obviously got to be coming sometime soon, just not there yet. Many other
features. What would you like to see in the new YouTube app? Comment below and share your ideas because a lot of times there are other people from YouTube
sometimes watch our videos – as I’ve heard and seen – maybe they’ll check it out.

Well, it’s official now Psy’s Ganam Style video, can’t believe we’re talking about this is now the fifth most viral video of all time, taking fifty-two
days to reach one hundred million views. And, whenever something like this happens, those of us who are creators on YouTube, we got stop and just ask
ourselves ‘Why this video – what is it about this content that made it spread so virally online?’ And, I got to tell you, I look at this video and I have
no idea. Please don’t ask me to predict which one of your videos will go viral next because I never would have predicted this one would have gone viral.

It doesn’t really have all the same elements that viral videos usually have – on those what makes a viral video list type stuff. I look at this video and I
try to analyze it and think what happened here? I’m, honestly I don’t got much for you, guys. I mean, it’s funny. You know, the little horse dance? It’s
funny, I laugh every time I see that. I don’t know. I wish I had more to offer you guys about lessons we can learn from this video, take-aways and all that
kind of stuff. But, I really don’t. I’m going to have to tap into your guy’s knowledge again and hear from you, if you don’t mind. Please comment also
about the lessons that you feel we learned from this video about virality, viralality, one of those two, and anything you think we can take from it and
apply it to our own videos and lessons we learned. Comment.

Along with all these other stories, I’ve put a lengthy description below this video here at YouTube or at, where ever you’re watching this,
about new research that just came out about which devices people are watching online video on, which ones are most engaged, video length, which ones are
they watching the most video on and the longest videos and all this kind of stuff. I want to boil it down for you, condense it all to tell you that when I
read all these stats, basically it came down to that tablets are rocking the online video industry world.

People are watching more and more video content on their tablets than ever before. They’re more engaged, they’re watching more informed content, and it’s
just dominating. It’s like growing so fast. So, it’s got to become really apparent for those of us that are creators to think about how do we engage our
viewers on YouTube who are watching on a tablet versus a desktop versus a TV through a console, versus a mobile device. This is why I said earlier why it’s
important that we have to pay attention to where that subscribe button is in the new YouTube app, because now it’s below – if you have a specific strategy
for how you engage tablet users, I would love from you as well. This is going to be like a record-breaking comment video gig. So, leave that information
below, too and share with us. Let’s all learn from each other. If you don’t have anything to share, definitely go read the comments that other people are
leaving because there is always good stuff in those.

And, again, if you want to find out more details about how different people and different devices are engaging with your content and what lengths they’re
watching and all that kind of stuff, check out the link below this video, it will give you a lot more information. It will really help you determine how
you create your content to engage these different platforms that people are watching you videos on.

One thing I don’t really see a lot of people doing is shooting their online videos with their iPad. I mean, it’s probably kind of big and bulky and doesn’t
really – not the best camera in the world for the size factor you got to deal with. But, there are some good editing tools coming out. And, if you’re like
me, personally I don’t shoot video on this thing hardly at all, but I will use the little adapter plug in here to hook up a USB flip camera, or the SD Card
reader or something and just import the video in here. Then use I-movie or something just to do quick little edits while I’m traveling on the road, as this
thing replaces my notebook, my Mac book, more and more.

But, what I’m telling you guys about, that a lot of people don’t know, that there’s actually a lot of free editors out there for editing on the iPad. And,
the really, what seems to be like the best one I’ve seen so far, and it’s currently free, that’s why I’m telling you guys about this, Pinnacle. I’m pretty
sure it’s called – yes, Pinnacle Video, released an app recently that is probably the most precise, in-depth, close to professional app as you could
probably expect from an app that is currently free. I’ll link it up below so if you have an iPad and you’re thinking about maybe doing some editing on it
in the future or something, grab it now for free while you can. It definitely looks like the best one out there. I mean, I use iMovie a little bit, I know
Avid has one, as well. There’s a bunch of other free ones.

Which leads me to another link on previous video where we recently, at ReelSEO, reviewed a whole bunch of the free video editing apps for the iPad. I know
a lot of you guys are like “why would ever want to edit video on an iPad when I have a desktop computer or notebook or something?’ and I would agree if
you’ve got to chose between one of those two, the desktop, notebook is definitely the way to go – but if you’re on the go and you want to edit something
real quick just to upload to your subscribers or maybe you didn’t bring your Mac book with you, so there’s some options now for the iPad. They seem to be
valid ones that you might actually consider and look into using. So, the link is below.

Finally, I want to tell those who are creating content that’s more educational in nature the new YouTube Next Up Contesting is now open for you guys they
are looking for people who are educators and teaching peoples. Basically, I think that’s about it. Check it out below and you can win a lot of good
mentoring, one-on-one training from YouTube at YouTube’s headquarters from themselves. You get like a thousand dollars or something like that for a whole
bunch of new equipment from B &H Photo and a bunch of other stuff. A lot of promotions on YouTube and who doesn’t want a lot of good free promotion on
YouTube? So, go check it out, the link is below. If you’re courting educational content you’ll want to be considered for this.

For our Creator’s Tip video on Thursday we have a very, very special treat for you guys. The author of this book, Primal Branding, his name is
Patrick Hanlon, he’s going to be with us. I talked with him about a couple of different things relating how we brand our content here on YouTube, whether
you’re an online video marketer or you’re just a YouTube creator. This stuff is essential. I just started implementing some of this into my personal blog
channel and, guys, like subscribing has gone up, engagement has gone up, viewership has gone up. This stuff will rock your content and creation – not, I
mean, a lot of times we talk about editing and tips and tricks – this one goes, like, this will take all that to a deeper, much deeper level about human
psychology and all that kind of stuff. It’s going to be awesome. Definitely, if you’re not subscribed to this channel already, subscribe for that video
coming on Thursday. You can click it up there, down there, over the side, where ever it is now. Just click ‘subscribe’, join us and, after that I will see
you guys again next week for another look at the reel web.

Thanks for hanging out with us guys, I look forward to reading all your comments this week.