I am old enough to have had a collection of VHS tapes in my life.  In fact, I used a VCR for well past its prime when I didn’t have a DVR to record my favorite shows.  VHS tapes obviously had many limitations: having to rewind them, finding certain scenes in a movie was hard because you didn’t have any way of knowing the time code, and most importantly, the VHS tape reduced the picture quality pretty drastically.  But, knowing that there are people out there that “miss” the “bells and whistles” of VHS, YouTube is introducing “tape mode” to certain videos.

Tape Mode: For Nostalgia I Guess

I found a few videos that used it, but TechCrunch found the one that’s best: a KMart ad called “Ship My Pants” that hilariously takes the word “ship” and uses it in every instance that you could possibly mis-hear that word.  Oddly, I can’t embed it and show you, so here’s a link, and here’s a picture:

kmart ship my pants

As you can see, there’s a handy “tape mode” icon next to the closed-captioning above.  The video is grainy, filled with static, and when you pause it, the image goes all crazy:

kmart paused

It’s funny YouTube has been looking for ways to make videos look more awful lately.  Recently, they added a “144p” to the video quality options for those who have very slow internet connections, which made sense.  This is just a nostalgia thing.  I wonder if it will last?  You can also read about it on YouTube’s Google+ page.