If you’ve spent any time on the Internet in the last six months, you probably know that Conan O’Brien has a new talk show debuting on TBS next month.  There have been some amazing viral clips from Conan, and tons of press coverage.  And now… there’s a 24-hour live stream of the Conan headquarters.

In a partnership with YouTube, the Conan crew will begin a day-long live stream event at 1pm Eastern Time today.  And since this is designed to promote the new show, I would imagine they have some pretty amazing things lined up for the stream.  After all, Conan and his team are no strangers to doing things live.

Here’s a video they’re sharing as an example of the kinds of hijinks fans can expect from the live streaming event:

If only I had 24 hours with nothing to do so I could watch.  Sadly, I have a lot of work to do.  Thankfully, the Conan team will be using Twitter to keep busy people like me abreast of what’s going on with the broadcast–and they’re going to recap everything (presumably with video and photos as well) on their blog.

This is pretty exciting, I think.  This is different from most of the live streaming events that YouTube has done, which have largely been concerts or debates–much shorter events with much shorter streams.  This is 24 hours.  But since it’s Conan, it’ll be much more structured (and funnier) than just some random life-cast.

Remember how impressed we all were (and rightfully so) with the Old Spice Man’s day-long blitz of personalized videos and Internet activity?  Well, however much work that took to pull off, this Conan event is even more labor-intensive.  Live performance is not easy.  Whether we’re talking about a stage play or the evening news, there’s an added stress and pressure to performing live.  And Conan’s team is going to do this for an entire day straight.  Imagine how massive the coordination effort will be behind-the-scenes.

Is this the start of a possible new trend?  I’m not sure anyone’s ever done a 24-hour live stream to promote a new TV show.  What an event like this offers Conan that a 30-second viral video does not is the anticipation factor.  It will be like a smaller version of the fictional Truman Show, where dutiful Conan fans will find it hard to turn away for fear they’ll miss something amazing.  Live streaming isn’t for everyone, as the sheer amount of work is more than most of us can handle.  But I think it’s possible that this Conan event today is going to open some eyes to the power and flexibility of live-streaming video, and get a lot more marketers and advertisers thinking about how they can leverage the format for their own gain.