It’s taken awhile for Google-owned YouTube and Google-owned Google+ to get the two married properly.  A few months ago, Google+ didn’t even have YouTube integration and all of us wondered why two properties owned by the same company wasn’t on the ball with that.  Then finally, they did integrate the two, where you could share all sorts of videos and playlists.  But despite that, on YouTube itself, you couldn’t just click a button like you could with Facebook and Twitter.  And now today, YouTube announced the Google+ Share button.

The Google+ Share Button: What Took These Guys So Long?

When I read this, it seemed such a simplistic thing.  How in the world did they not get to this sooner?  Here it is, in all its glory:

This was either an oversight, since you could share videos using Google+ and no one really noticed that there wasn’t a click-of-the-button kind of deal, or there was some other problem that only those in Google know about.

It also looks like they have replaced the +1 thing, where you could “Google Like” something without sharing the video.  I’m supposing they got backlash on the idea that +1’s were going to take over on the site.  Pressing “Like” on a YouTube video gives you the chance to share it with the three big social networks.

Right now it appears there’s a huge emphasis on sharing, on keeping the “Likes” specific to YouTube and not confusing the matter with +1’s.  But this of course upsets some people like any change.  A few people in the comments on YouTube’s Google+ page thought it would be better to be able to convert likes into +1’s for those who have Google+.  No doubt Google isn’t done with any of this, they tinker mercilessly, so this isn’t the last word we’ll be seeing on this.