YouTube is pretty good at regulating explicit content but there is still an awful lot of adult or violent footage available for inquisitive minds to find. Therefore it makes sense that Google, a family-friendly organisation, is reported to be developing a new version of YouTube specifically designed for children aged 10 years and below. According to sources, Google has reached out to both developers, and creators of child-friendly content, in a bid to gauge potential interest in the project.

YouTube does have a parental control feature, Safety Mode, currently in place which hides content deemed inappropriate by other users but with so many pre-teen children owning mobile devices (and getting savvier at search by the day), a completely new site would offer a whole new level of control for parents. It is unclear whether a kid-friendly YouTube would carry advertising, but the option for creators, like the Fine Bros whose web-series ‘Kids React’ can generate views in the millions per video, not to be able to monetize their content seems highly unlikely.