Very recently we published an article called YouTube is now bigger than Facebook in the US, and in this week’s Creator’s Tip, we discuss what implications that has for marketers.

YouTube IS a Social Network – and Always Has Been

YouTube has been shadowing Facebook for a while, although many marketers are still surprise how strong a social network YouTube is. In June, Compete released data that confirmed that YouTube is the largest social media site when it comes to unique visits:

youtube vs facebook us

What Does That Mean For Marketers?

So, what exactly does the fact that YouTube is as active of a social network mean for marketers?

#1 Budget Allocation: There is a lot of money in social media marketing that has NOT gone to YouTube,. Instead, it has been allocated to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other sites which is a missed opportunity. Not only is YouTube a great advertising opportunity, it provides fantastic ROI for organic, or non-paid, marketing. Because YouTube took steps to upgrade its comments system, its a more interesting social network than it was even 9 months ago. Meanwhile, Facebook is phasing out the impact of any organic marketing in favor of paid reach.

Takeaway: For organic marketing, marketers need to be looking to YouTube as part of their non-paid strategy.

1 Paid Advertising: There are things that you can do with YouTube Trueview Advertising right now that Facebook is still experimenting with. Facebook haven’t quite got the video ad thing figured out yet, while YouTube has been honing the service for years.

Takeaway: If you haven’t already explored the advertising options on YouTube then do so.

Let us know how you are leveraging YouTube as a social network in the comments below.