The original channels are coming in fast now.  Four new ones, all dedicated to the world of skating, surfing, skiing, biking, and all of the other ice, wind, gravity, and water sports you can think of have been announced by YouTube and they have an impressive list of celebrity extreme sports figures, led by Tony Hawk.  Also included in this bunch is branded content specialists Red Bull, who will continue their branded series and specials that generally include the world of “action sports.”  There certainly won’t be a lack of death-defying stunts on YouTube in 2012.

Introducing The New Extreme Sports Video Channels

Alli Sports has a tremendous amount of programming on YouTube.  They offer tips from the pros and the people who are actually famous for their tricks giving instructions, along with news and highlights.  Here’s one of their offerings:

You’ll see this is just a matter of preference and choice, or you might just want to watch all these channels, but pretty much everyone is going to be offering “tips and tricks,” news and highlights.  Here’s Network A introducing themselves:

And you might be familiar with Red Bull, who has already made a name for themselves in the branded content world with a number of videos showing off extreme sports with subtle Red Bull plugs.  They are going to be launching 13 new series covering the some of the world’s best action sports athletes and their everyday lives.  One, called Livin’ Louie Vito, covering the Olympic snowboarder, has already premiered:

Here’s a quick preview of Red Bull’s new series:

And RIDE, which is led by Tony Hawk.  RIDE will have a number of series outlined in this video, many of which sound really cool:

I really love the idea of “Shredit Cards,” which allows skaters to submit videos of their tricks, and they get paid on the basis of the creativity and execution of the trick.  The payment is getting credits to skate at the Skatepark of Tampa.

Stay tuned.  The floodgate of original channels continues.