Remember back a few months ago when we saw YouTube allowing shoppable ads on Juicy Couture’s videos?  There were a ton of “hot spots” that would show up on a video, and you could click on whatever item was being highlighted and go straight to their website and buy it if you wanted.  Now, there’s another kind of shoppable system on the block.  Tresemmé has a channel where you watch the videos, the products are on a clickable display in a sidebar, and you know that “stay on the channel” thing I’m always complaining about?  This channel has that.

Watch and Shop All Within the Channel

So, you’re a big fan of Tresemmé products, you go to their YouTube channel and this is what you’re greeted with:

tresemme channel

Yeah, see all these videos down in the left-hand bottom corner?  Click on that and you are not magically whisked away to the Watch Page.  You stay where you are:

tresemme channel product

Clicking on “Learn More” gives you a description of the product underneath the video:

tresemme description

Clicking on “Buy Now” gives you a bunch of different vendors:

tresemme buy now

Then, and only then, was I taken off the channel to another place.

This is sort of what I think brands are looking for when it comes to shoppable videos.  The Juicy Couture one didn’t really allow you to watch the video without being distracted by all the boxes that would show up, and you might not even get through the whole thing once you find the item you like.  But then again, maybe you don’t watch the whole video using this method, either.  I know that if you click on the video in this situation, you’re more likely to stay to the end this time.

Anyway, I’m happy there’s at least one channel you can stay on when you go to YouTube.  Too bad it’s not something I personally will be visiting much, but I know it’s possible and that makes me happy.