Evan Emory, the entertainer who served time in jail for an infamous YouTube video, will be promoting his new music and hosting a variety show August 12, 9:30 p.m. to 2 a.m., at Club Envy, 441 W. Western in Muskegon, Michigan alongside a number of different local acts. Tickets are now on sale online.

Tickets On Sale for “Evan Emory Breakout Special Variety Show”

Evan sent me the following custom video with his announcement just for us at ReelSEO, which I’ve added some graphics of my own to.

Club Envy is selling tickets in advance online to this event on their website to this adults-only event (18 and over.) Tickets are on sale for $5 per person. The event will be incorporating multiple local talent and performances, with Evan both hosting and performing, himself.

Club Envy home page – clubenvymuskegon.com, featuring Evan Emory's mug shot and still frame from his infamous video, promoting his August 12 Variety Show.

 ” only seats like, 800; and I’m pretty sure there’s going to be like 2,000 people trying to get into this place,” said Evan.

Interesting note: Club Envy is the entertainment venue where Evan last performed before being arrested, jailed, and given a felony conviction for the video he showed on YouTube and at the club.

More information on Evan’s event can be found at the Muskegon Chronicle website, which interviewed Evan about the announcement originally made at the Evan Emory Variety Facebook Page. For more information about the Evan Emory case you can check out ReelSEO’s Evan Emory coverage and The Muskegon Chronicle’s Evan Emory archive.

There are 48 comments to date on the MLive.com website over this announcement, many of which are very heated in strong support or vehement opposition. I interviewed Evan’s probation officer a while back, who had mentioned me that Evan’s case is the most polarizing situation he’s ever seen with his town.

Evan said in an interview with on local radio 104.5 WSNX’s “The Morning After” show that even though he acknowledges that his infamous YouTube video caused him and others a lot of problems, he’s trying to turn the media attention around into something positive and show he’s a talented musician and entertainer, who worked hard to built his craft and build an audience well before the debacle that got him in jail and a felony conviction.

You can listen to Evan’s full radio interview here. 

I hate bringing it up (the YouTube video), but I can’t escape it…I’m just trying to move on from all that… I like putting smiles on people’s faces… Hopefully that’s what this show does.” – Evan Emory.

EXCLUSIVE: Evan Emory’s Public YouTube Video Apology

Evan had expressed concerns with me that some people don’t understand how remorseful he still is to the parents, the school, and his local community for the video that landed him in jail. I suggested that he offer some kind of “video apology” as an attempt at making amends, and for people to recognize him as an adult who’s being responsible. (It should also be pointed out that Evan is already doing many hours of community service, he has to meet with his probation officer regularly, and has gotten into no trouble since. He has also willingly participated with his town’s own Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) center to reconcile with the parents.)

So to all you Tosh.0 fans reading this, just remember the next time you do something you regret, a sincere public video apology could prove to be a very good reminder of thinking about what silly stunt with online video you may be thinking of doing next, and who it might affect in a negative way. There is one good rule I like to use in any situation: Would I like it if this happened to me, or someone I really cared about? Now multiply that by a hundred if it’s your own child, and you can probably begin to understand how a parent would feel.

 Everyone online lives somewhere.” – Chris Tolles, CEO of Topix.