YouTube has started the YouTube Elections Hub, a channel that will aggregate news and opinion from The New York Times, the English Al Jazeera, Univision, Larry King, The Wall Street Journal, ABC News, Buzzfeed, and the ridiculously busy Philip DeFranco.  It will cover all the major political moments from now until Election Day on November 6.  In addition to all the coverage from these news outlets, YouTube will be showing the Republican National Convention, the Democratic National Convention, and the Presidential and Vice-Presidential debates.

YouTube Becomes More and More Viable as a News Source

We’ve talked before about how YouTube has become a major news source around the world.  The site has really positioned itself to be a major source for…everything, so this is not a surprise.  What I’d like to see is how this impacts the election at all.  We all look to the younger generation and encourage them to get out and vote.  Well, now, they’ll have more exposure to news and election stories than they ever have before.

YouTube will highlight what’s current with the YouTube Spotlight section of the channel, but you can easily navigate to any of the other news organizations in the channel and find whatever suits you.  By the way, the way this channel is set up is the way everyday users should be able to set up their channel.  You can actually stay within the channel when you click on individual videos.

It’s no surprise YouTube has gotten DeFranco in on this.  He’s shown all year that his following carries over into other channels and arenas, so putting him into election coverage was a no-brainer.  Here’s his first “election news” show:

This is another big score for YouTube.  They keep landing the big ones.