On this week’s Reel Web episode, we take a deeper look into several web video marketing related updates from the past week including updates to YouTube’s Content ID program and copyright violation appeals process, new branding and promotional in-player functionalities via YouTube’s new InVideo Programming, a new EDU Creator Playbook focused on video tips for educators, and hints at an upcoming new feature for merchant annotations.  Finally, we highlight a few interesting articles from the past week that we feel offer great tips and advice for improving your video content and attracting your audience.

YouTube Improves Content ID

There have been numerous complaints on YouTube regarding copyright issues.  Individuals other than the original content creator have been re-uploading content and as a result, unintentionally, the original owner of the content is being flagged for violating the copyright.  Due to this issue YouTube is making changes to the ContentID algorithm and appeals process.  If your video gets flagged for copyright content, you can submit an appeal letting YouTube know that the content actually belongs to you.  Prior to the changes if the other party – who YouTube thinks the content belongs to – still claims to the rights there was nothing more you could do.  They have now given an option to submit an additional appeal and file for an official DMCA to take legal action.

YouTube has also updated the Content ID algorithm which is designed to check the validity of a copyright claim to a video.  Finally, YouTube is letting users know that since more individuals are utilizing these resources they are continuously making updates to the process  and it’s become more efficient at figuring out the correct owners of video content and therefore not penalizing actual owners of the videos.

Creator Playbook for Educators

The YouTube Creator Playbook has been very helpful to many YouTube creators and now YouTube has made one specifically geared toward individuals who are providing videos to educate viewers, the EDU Playbook.  It provides resources about 10 ways educators can use YouTube to teach and create content and they have even created a channel dedicated solely to educational content from middle and high schools, colleges and universities.

InVideo Programming

A new feature was rolled out last week that allows you to promote your video or channel across all videos that are on your channel.  You can insert a small annotation in one of the upper or lower corners of your screen that is either an additional video that’s on your channel or a watermark.  You can also use your logo or channel graphic and it can annotate that to your channel page as well.

YouTube Channel Stores -> Merchant Annotations

The second change this week had to do with the store tab.  If you previously had a store tab on your channel to sell merchandise, you may have noticed a message now comes up saying they will be getting rid of the store and replacing it with merchant annotations. It is unclear what that means exactly, however speculation seems to be that they may be getting rid of the store tab and letting people annotate to places like Amazon or iTunes instead.

3 Articles to Help Improve Your Videos

First, TV producer RJ Williams, was recently interviewed by All Things D.  He is helping produce content for YouTube based on their $100 million initiative.  He discusses the things he’s learned about the differences between YouTube audiences and video versus television viewers.  He also goes into his views about the difference he sees from other platforms like Yahoo, Hulu or AOL video.

A new article here on ReelSEO.com talks about how you can possibly predict how socially viral your video will go before you publish it.  There is a correlation between the amount of emotion your video gets your viewers to feel.  It also cover 5 social media marketing myths that are out there.

Finally, there is a great video from Streaming Media East that discusses how to find, grow and cultivate an audience for online content.  It covers methods used by top YouTube creators and other successful web series.

QUESTION:  What do you think of the new “InVideo Programming” that YouTube has rolled out?

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On this week’s look at The Reel Web we’re going to talk about some of the new features that YouTube has implemented over the past week, including the
ability to promote your channel or a video across all of your videos, some new features for education users on YouTube, and a whole bunch more. That’s all
coming up this week on The Reel Web.

Hey, guys! My name is Tim Schmoyer, and welcome to another week of The Reel Web where every week we just highlight for you guys some of the online video
news from the week before. And let’s start with some of the new changes that YouTube is rolling out, starting with its update to its content I.D.
algorithm. There’s always been a lot of complaining about unintentional claims of videos that maybe you actually own the copyrights to, but somehow someone
else uploaded it after you. Then you get flagged for violating their copy and it’s your video. It becomes a mess. So to fix all that, they’ve been working
on it for a very long time, and they’re doing three things. One, you can now submit a counter appeal, like for example, if your video gets flagged for
copyright content and you submit an appeal saying, hey, this is my content. I own it. And the person that YouTube thinks does actually own it comes back
and says this is actually mine, and you’re kind of stuck. Before that would be the end of the process, but now you can actually submit another appeal, even
file for an official DMCA if you would like to actually, legally it’s taken into action. There also, apparently, is an update to the algorithm that once
there’s a claim filed on a video, a second algorithm kicks in to make sure that it’s actually a valid claim and not just an accidental, unintentional one
that maybe you had applied accidentally to your video. And third, overall YouTube says, hey, more people are using this. It’s getting bigger and better all
the time. So less and less issues with invalid claims are going to be made and the appeal process will be made much more smoother. So it’s getting better.
They’ve been working really hard, they said, on it, including some of these updates I just told you.

If you are a teacher or someone who’s using YouTube to educate viewers, you are in luck. They now have made their very own creator’s playbook specifically
for educators and teachers on YouTube. They’ve also made some resources about 10 ways educators can use YouTube to teach and create content. And actually
they have a new channel now dedicated totally to education with full courses from colleges and universities and high school and middle school classes,
courses completely free and available there. So go check that out if you’re doing anything with education on YouTube. There’s a link below that will take
you to YouTube’s post with all the information.

Last week YouTube quietly rolled out a new feature that lets you promote your video or channel across all videos on your entire channel. You can have a
little annotation in the upper right, left corner of your screen or the bottom, lower left or right corners that’s either like a video of yours that’s
already on your channel, where it links them to that original video. Or you can have it link to your channel just like a little watermark. You have your
logo or graphic of your channel and it’ll annotate that to your channel page as well. So, a lot of people are getting really excited about this. Like, hey,
now I can put my latest video across all my videos, but the problem is, for me, this actually isn’t anything you really couldn’t do before. I mean, we kind
of already do these with our own videos. You know, sometimes we’ll put a watermark right over here somewhere, and I could annotate that manually if I
wanted to. This kind of makes it automated so you can promote your latest video across all your videos. I think that’s probably not a great idea. Like, I
feel like that really detracts from the user experience. If someone finds one of your older videos, and they’re watching it, there’s this other video down
in one of the corners. To me that just detracts from the user experience of the video that they’re currently watching. So I don’t know if it’s something I
would actually use, but as always, I want to hear from you guys about how would you use this new feature that lets you promote your channels or one of your
videos across all of your videos on your channel. Comment below. Let me know. I learn from you guys all the time, so thank you. Look forward to hearing how
you guys plan on using this, or maybe how you might have ideas of how you can use it in the future.

Another change that’s coming to YouTube we actually learned about from the network. Thank you guys for sending out that tip. And any of you guys see
anything else that’s happening on YouTube, please feel free to Tweet us or leave a comment on our channel or something. Let us know. We really rely on you
guys to help us see a lot of this stuff. For example, this next one. If you have the store tab on your channel where you’re selling different merchandise,
apparently now when you go look at it there’s a message that says they’re going to be getting rid of the store and instead replacing it with merchant
annotations. Now we don’t really know what those are yet or exactly how they work, but I’m going to guess that they’re going to get rid of the store tab
and instead let you just annotate, maybe places like Amazon or iTunes or places like that instead, and just sending people off to those other places to
where they already have an account, they’re already used to buying stuff at those sites rather than trying to get people to part with cash on YouTube
channels, which people aren’t usually used to doing. So it might work out better for all of us who are trying to sell content online as well.

Three other stories I want you guys to check out real quick that I think will be helpful for you, one is an interview that All Things D did with RJ
Williams who was a TV producer and now is producing content for YouTube based on their $100 million initiative they were doing. And this guy talks a lot
about how he’s learned how YouTube audiences and YouTube video works much differently than what he’s used to with TV video. He talks about some of the
lessons he’s learned and how YouTube is even different from his experiences with Yahoo! video and Hulu video and AOL video and other places. Very
interesting stuff. It’s things that you and I have been talking about here, actually, for a while. So if you’ve been around our Reel SEO videos for a
little bit, might not be anything too surprising, but it’s just great to have confirmation that someone in the actual TV world is experiencing the same
things and finding the same things that you and I here are as well.

The second link for you guys is actually on our very own ReelSEO.com, and it’s about how you can possibly predict how socially viral your video will go,
even before you publish it, and it’s all based on the amount of emotion that you can insight in your viewers. And then number three, we all want to know
how to find, grow, and cultivate an audience for our online video content. And there’s a great panel discussion about that below. Go check out that. It’s
about a 45 minute video you can watch, and they talk about how they’ve, like these popular top YouTubers and other web series that have been very
successful, how they’ve done that. So there’s a lot of good tips and ideas you can pick up from those guests. Check that out.

And our Creators Tip video on Thursday, we are going to be talking with CEO and cofounder of NewMediaRockstars.com about what is a new media rockstar and
how do you become one. What are some of the common traits that all the new media rockstars that they’ve been talking to and interviewing lately, what do
they see in them and what can we emulate from what they’ve been learning? And lots of good stuff, so make sure you subscribe for that. And guys, we talk
about online video. We’re publishing stuff constantly at ReelSEO.com all throughout the week. So make sure you go there throughout this upcoming week and
forever, actually. It would be really great, just to see what kind of stuff we’re talking about that I can’t really fit into these videos, a lot of great
stuff there. A little side note for you guys, I actually will be out of the country for the next couple of weeks. So we won’t be having these regular Reel
Web episodes, but we do have something else scheduled for you and hopefully our president and founder here at Reel SEO, Mark Robertson, will have one for
you in the next couple of weeks as well. Just bringing you up to speed so you guys know what’s happening in the online video world, specifically as it
pertains to you guys who are video marketers and video creators. Hope that helps. Look forward to that, and I will see you guys for our Creators Tip video,
but also in a couple of weeks when we get back to doing these regularly. So, see you guys then. Thanks!