Never one to miss a marketing trick, YouTube have rolled out a sneaky little Easter egg to promote their upcoming Geek Week. By following the clues (or clicking on the link we have provided) users of the video site will see it turn from the design heavy portal it is now into a retro, ASCII based screen of awesomeness. Unfortunately, the Unix type design disappears once you click through to an individual video, but hey, it’s fun while it lasts. YouTube has promised more Easter eggs in the lead-up to Geek Week, for which geeks can earn badges of honour by cracking.

YouTube teased their Twitter followers with the following code. Those of us who relish a short cut can follow this link for the same results: geekweek


Geek Week runs from August 4th to August 10th and promises to be packed with content that will rock the world of those into comics, superheroes, sci-fi and other wonderful dorkery.