Unhappy with the look and feel, YouTube has decided to do more with the space alloted them. That means more nifty changes for you to peruse should you opt-in to do so. But what exactly have they fiddled about with this time round? Well, of course I’ve got the scoop of poop for you.

Luckily, it’s not the smelly kind but the informative kind. Bet you didn’t even know there was an informative form of poo did you? Well, there is, and I’ve got big steaming piles of it. Read on!

Playlist Playground

They’ve redesigned the playlist and now it plays videos. Ha! I jest, it always did that, right? Seriously, they give you a super cool AutoPlay toggle (I hate it personally, AutoPlay, not the toggle). That means you can now fire up a Playlist and then let it shred through the whole thing…aut-o-mat–i-cally. Nifty, no? Oh, and they did some other design stuff, but I can’t honestly for the life of me figure out just what they did.

On Queue and…Action!

Search, find, queue videos. That’s pretty spiffy and certainly gives you far more control over just what you want to watch on the world’s second largest search engine and video sharing platform. Now I might actually stop bouncing off them and going elsewhere because that sound like exactly what we need.

Comment Compression

Text, video, text, video…now they’re all in one place. All comments – text or video – have been integrated into one big list. They say they’re still futzing about with this and so it’ll be changing and evolving based on user feedback.

These are all changes since their last batch of changes (which you can read about here) and are based on user feedback according to YouTube. They say they’re still interested in user suggestions so if you really, really hate something or need something, you had better get to tellin’ em! Do it at their forum topic on the subject because telling me is like spitting watermelon seeds at a Wookie. I’ll leave you to ponder that.