We’re not quite yet done with the Super Bowl ads yet.  YouTube is announcing the winners of their Super Bowl XLVII Ad Blitz as voted by the viewers.  What we saw this year is drama often beat out the usual winner, comedy, with some well-positioned ads that carried a great amount of weight to them, pulled some heartstrings, and came out the year’s most memorable.  We talked to YouTube about this year’s Ad Blitz winners, if there was any correlation between the votes and the views, and how the other Ad Blitz experiences enhanced the process during the watching of the game.

YouTube’s Ad Blitz Winners and Further Insight

We talked to Michael Yapp, Director of Creative Content at YouTube about this year’s Ad Blitz.

ReelSEO: “Funny” is still a big emotional trigger for these ads, but they seemed to take a back seat to “Dramatic” this year.  How did these dramatic ads force viewers to attention?

Michael Yapp: Sometimes in a very noisy environment, a quiet, intimate tone speaks louder than than all the competing noise. Paul Harvey— his voice, his credibility; his association with the heartland; his folksy paean to a place and time we all felt was lost, lent an authenticity and a heartfelt note to the aspirations of a country that sometimes seems to have strayed from its moral compass. Ram’s, “The Farmer” hit a soft spot we all may have forgotten we had.

RSEO: Does there seem to be a correlation with the voting results and the views accumulated on YouTube by those same ads?

Yapp: The Superbowl has firmly established itself as a forum for premiering the best of advertising. Some advertisers relish the canvas,  some only show up. What we see time over time is that advertising that’s successful tells a story, taps into an emotion, enhances our time rather than just interrupting it. Voting results mirror the sentiments of the audience— what resonated most collects the most votes. Views accrued tells us which spots are most popular.

RSEO: How much did people using AdBlitz use the other features like the “paper football” and “Call the Coach?” (We were told there were over 46 million interactions on Ad Blitz)

Yapp: We are a culture of multi-taskers. If an engagement seems compelling enough— if It entertains, informs or provides some sort of utility for our lives, we cannot help but engage. At YouTube, we have found that anything that can enhance the experience for our user is something that is embraced by our audience.

We’d like to thank Yapp for talking to us, and Crystal Dahlen at Google for her assistance!  There will be even more insight as Adweek editors James Cooper and Tim Nudd talk with the creative teams behind these ads in a Google Hangout: Saturday, February 16 at 3:00 pm ET / 12:00 pm PT.

In reverse order, here are the top 5, as voted by Ad Blitz participants:

#5: Hyundai “Team”

Funny starts the list, as a kid goes on a mission to find a football team so he can play against the snobby kids:

#4: Jeep “Whole Again”

One of three dramatic ads to take the top 5, Jeep’s ad focuses on military men and women coming home:

#3: Samsung Mobile USA “The Next Big Thing”

Paul Rudd and Seth Rogen try to become Samsung’s “Next Big Thing” and fight each other much like they did in The 40-Year-Old Virgin.  Bob Odenkirk and Lebron James also star:

#2: Budweiser “The Clydesdales”

The much-talked about ad often finds itself at the top of the heap in the Super Bowl “winners” but this time it’s “only” 2nd with Ad Blitz voters.  This is another dramatic ad that resonated:

#1: Ram (Chrysler) “Farmer”

Paul Harvey’s voice and storytelling ability put this one at the top.  You couldn’t turn away from this ad if you tried:

Thanks, YouTube, for sharing your results.  We can’t wait until next year!