For those of you who have been keeping up with our coverage of the YouTube Creator Playbook, you should know that the November 2011 version is now out and its ultimate change is to the YouTube Insight section because now, that’s called YouTube Analytics.  They have re-written the section, but it has the same information.  YouTube Analytics is an excellent tool for dissecting everything that is working and what’s not with your videos.  You can see your videos’ demographics, how your video is being discovered, and how long your audience is staying with the video, pretty much every statistic that is related to the success of your video, that’s all.

The Playbook Still Needs Clarification On A Few Items

The Playbook still needs an update on thumbnails and channel optimization, sections that provide information that non-partners can’t use.  Even if the edit were to say, “Only Partners Can Do This,” that would be helpful.  As is, the Playbook still makes it seem like you can pick whatever thumbnail you want for your videos, or customize banners for your channel, if you’re not a partner.  Either they’re eventually going to change this rather absurd rule or they’re just going to pretend like they never put this in the Playbook.

Still, the update to the information concerning their research tool is important, especially since this is an under-looked aspect of tracking your video’s success.  They’ve made “Hot Spots” a lot clearer now, dividing them up into “Relative,” which shows viewer retention compared to other videos of the same length, and “Actual,” which shows viewer retention on any particular video.

Despite some glaring flaws in the Playbook, it has extremely valuable information for those looking to gain an audience with their videos.  Everyone trying to make it on YouTube should have this immediately available to them, and keep coming to ReelSEO for our continuing analysis of each Playbook section.