Hey everyone, if you haven’t heard, or seen it, YouTube changed the comments system on the site. What? That’s old news and you all loathe it? Good news everyone! YouTube has repented for their past sins in the commenting system and offers unto thee a single page with which you may now manage all of your comments. Praise be to the online video deities.

Alright, a bit more serious now. YouTube has actually announced that they are giving video creators a single page where comments can be managed, mostly because, enough people [email protected]#3), I mean boisterously voiced their rock solid concerns and offered constructive criticism of the latest round of changes to the comments.

Crafting Achievement +10 Points

Since the latest comment system changes took comment notices out of the inbox, many people didn’t know how to survive without a place to manage those comments and alerts. So now, YouTube engineers have heard your clarion call to action and have leaped into the fray with the full force of the engineering minds.

Behold! A Comments page hath been crafted in the likeness of an inbox! It’s got three main parts Published, Pending, and Marked as Spam.

YT-comment-adminIn addition, there is also a Comment Settings page, which does exactly what one would expect a page named thusly to do, manage your settings for comments on your channel.

Youtube comment settings admin

Gone is that whole, “go to Google+ to manage your comments,” thing they tried to do to, presumably, continue to push for further G+ adoption. Now you can stick right in your YouTube dashboard to get it all done. Plus, it even gives you a link to your Inbox right there in the Community portion of said dashboard.

The future of the comment admin page also seems bright as the YouTube Creators blog post on the topic states, “You’ll see this page updated soon with more features such as replying inline or expanding all replies. “