Google is updating their search algorithms in a bid to block videos and images of child pornography from being accessed via their search engine. In their biggest crackdown yet in, some 100,000 unique searches and keywords have been now been eliminated and blocked from Google and YouTube search results. The move comes after British authorities, lead by the Conservative Government, lobbied both Google and Microsoft to take action. Eric Schmidt, Google CEO confirmed that the company had “fine-tuned Google Search to prevent links to child sexual abuse material from appearing in our results.”

Microsoft has already led the way by issuing pop up warnings for suspect queries in the UK and now Google will join them for English language queries in the UK and across the world. The search engine giant also confirmed that the blocks and warnings will roll out to cover an additional 158 other languages.

Google also said they have developed new technology to identify video content containing references to child abuse material.

Schmidt stated that,

“We’re already testing it at Google, and in the new year we hope to make it available to other Internet companies and child safety organizations.”

He also confirmed that this new technology will ‘tag’ abusive and illegal videos so that all duplicate copies can be removed across the internet. Another UK publication, The Guardian, confirmed today that GCHQ are also involved in addressing the issue of child exploitation material being shared across peer-to-peer networks.

Of course, Google isn’t the internet and the Deep Web holds many horrendous secrets if you know where to look but the need to do something is long overdue.