Today, if you tried to make some edits to your YouTube channel page, you were probably rudely rebuffed.  And when something like that happens, and there has already been an announcement about a new channel design in the works at YouTube, this could be an early sign that we’re about to all get a huge overhaul.  Still, we have to wonder what it all means.  With multiple people claiming they can’t access channel editing functions and getting a “This functionality isn’t available right now, try again later” message, it’s probably the new design getting thrown at you very soon.

Why Are Channel Edits Being Messed With?

Probably because they don’t want you making changes that are just going to get changed anyway.  But we saw this tweet from TheyCallMeDSP:

And this one from ChimeraGamer:

Of course, YouTube does this stuff without saying one thing.  They either won’t admit that there’s an error that is causing a bunch of people grief, or they’re just going about their usual “change everything” mantra and shrugging and saying, “We told you there’d be days like this.”

The new channel design will mean you can only put a banner at the top, while YouTube takes the rest and fills it with their new page design: videos, guides, and so forth.  One nifty feature of the new channel design is that you can put a video there for unsubscribed viewers that tells them about yourself and “sells” your channel.  The early “testers” include iJustine, Epic Meal Time, DeStorm, SORTED, Mystery Guitar Man, Geek & Sundry, and LOUD.

What do you think?  Is YouTube about to unleash the new channel design on everyone by tonight/tomorrow/sometime this week?  Or is this a glitch?  A mistake?  Both?