The YouTube marketing game can be hard to play. It’s still a fairly new way to market and everyone seems to have a different opinion on how it’s done. News of videos raking in 1 million+ views has every company dreaming of ways to get that kind of exposure with a built in attractive 20 something spokesperson.

Everyone is going after the YouTuber channels with 500,000+ subscribers in hopes they will make videos that will amass hundreds of thousands of views. That’s fishing in quite a small pond as there are a limited number of Weblebrities (web celebrities) to choose from within those parameters; and as the laws of supply and demand will tell you, the prices companies are having to pay to these few YouTubers are skyrocketing, making it seem like it’s only a worthwhile marketing option for companies with deep pockets.

What about the companies who don’t have the budget to commission these giant YouTubers into making a video for their product? What about the companies that aren’t asking for hundreds of thousands of views and that would be satisfied with introducing their product to tens of thousands of eyes.

YouTube Celebrity Marketing Case Study – Satin & Duncan Rocks

This is exactly what happened with the recent independent film Satin. While Satin had a big enough budget to afford themselves 90s Nickelodeon darling Melissa Joan Hart (Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Clarissa Explains it All), they didn’t have the blockbuster budget when it came to marketing the film. That’s where our company came in.

Duncan Rocks, a character created by Dan Dobi (the YouTube channel’s owner) and Andrew Santino (the actor who plays Duncan himself), is a quirky, redheaded, reporter with a mustache that would make Tom Seleck take a breath. With his simple minded views and ability to add “-skidoodles” onto the end of any word to create a barrage of quoting comments on the video, Duncan engages his audience with interviews, news stories, and now… press junkets.

Teaming up with Dan Dobi, we helped produce a video that brought the movie Satin to an already established audience of a beloved character. Making sure not to take any creative control away from the director (because no one knows his audience better) Satin‘s star Hamilton Von Watts sat down with Duncan for what was to be a press junket for the film set up in a basement of the Montana home where Duncan lives.

Results? Valuable Views, Engaged Viewers & Immediate Feedback

While not amassing hundreds of thousands of views, the video reached 20,000 views within a month giving Satin a unique audience that they wouldn’t have been able to reach through any other marketing method.

As if the view count wasn’t enough, the video has over 300 comments, most of them overwhelmingly positive, and a large amount of them expressing excitement over wanting to see Satin. On top of that, the video has a like to dislike ratio of 1,068 to 26 at the time of this posting; immediate feedback to gauge the success of this advertising endeavor.

How many billboards and television commercials can tell you that?

YouTube Celebrity Marketing ► the Longtail YouTube Audience

Big companies can and will keep going to the top 100 YouTubers to buy their “viral” videos, but now there is an option for the smaller guys. The built in YouTube audiences come in all sizes, and with that, all price points. There is no longer a budget too small as there is now a long enough tail through the Internet that an already established audience can be found to match.